Commercial Bollards

Commercial bollard lights starting at $219.99

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Sports Lighters

HID and LED Sports Lighters for Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, and more.

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High Bay Lighting

LED, TLED, T5HO High Bay, Low Bay and Canopy Lighting

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Sports Court Lighting

Stadium, Soccer, Football, and Baseball Field Lighting

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High-Performance Commercial, Industrial, and Sports Lighting Solutions

Access Fixtures is your factory-direct source for high-performance lighting solutions, including commercial, industrial, hospitality, sports, and specialty lighting. We offer commercial-grade fixtures that optimize lumens per watt, boost rated lifetimes, and minimize prices per lumen. With custom manufacturing capabilities, Access Fixtures will deliver comprehensive solutions with fixtures, poles, mounts, and photometric reports to guarantee exceptional results. We are headquartered in Worcester, MA, and ship direct from facilities across the United States. Begin by shopping our products or by calling a lighting specialist at (800) 468-9925.


High-Performance Outdoor Light Fixtures & Solutions

Access Fixtures outdoor commercial lighting fixtures and complete solutions include area lights, bollard lights, exit and emergency lighting, park lighting, street lights, parking lot lighting, and wall packs. Most outdoor light fixtures are available in LED, PSMH, and fluorescent options to suit your lighting, energy-efficiency, and budget requirements.


Interior Lighting Solutions – LEDs and More

Access Fixtures offers complete indoor commercial lighting solutions, including office lighting, high bay and shop lighting, low bay lightingvapor tight lighting for clean rooms, parking garages, and more. For recommendations, speak with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist. 800-468-9925.


Sports Lighting – Fixtures & Custom Packages

Access Fixtures has outdoor and indoor sports lighting packages as well as custom lighting solutions for all of your sports lighting needs. From backyard to professional play, Access Fixtures is ready to provide factory-direct prices on sports lighting packages and custom sports lighting packages.

Commercial Lighting LED Solutions

Turtle/Wildlife Friendly, Custom NM Range, & Specialized Solutions

Access Fixtures will provide custom lighting solutions to meet the exacting needs of clients, including those who need turtle and wildlife-friendly lighting for coasts and other sensitive ecosystems, no-UV, lighting restricted nanometer ranges, and red-green-blue-white (RGB-W) for DMX-controlled high-brightness lighting requirements. Call 800-468-9925.

Commercial Lighting Photometric Studies

Photometric Studies for Commercial & Residential Projects

Access Fixtures has a team of lighting specialists who work with you to provide solutions. With many years of industry experience, we can provide apt and comprehensive solutions, including photometric studies. Photometrics are $100, which is credited back to you at the time of purchase. Click for details and discuss your objectives with Access Fixtures today.

Commercial lighting sports

Sports & Commercial Lighting for the USA and Around the Globe

From Alaska to California, Florida to Washington, and around the world, Access Fixtures is your factory-direct source for commercial lighting solutions. We ship to US and Canadian locations. Other locations are serviced by freight forwarders. Sports lighting for a track-and-field facility in Iraq? Tennis court lighting in Israel and St. Maarten? Access Fixtures has done it.

Outdoor Pathway Lighting: 3000K Ambient Bollard Lights

WORCESTER, MA, November 2017—Access Fixtures announces the newly available 3000K color temperature in a large selection of their bollard and outdoor pathway lighting fixtures. Now available in 3000K, this warm-white Kelvin temperature is a calm and inviting color...

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High-Performance Indoor Tennis Court Lighting Solution

A returning customer from outside Houston, TX, contacted Access Fixtures in search of an indoor tennis court lighting upgrade. A few months prior, the customer had installed Access Fixtures LED luminaires on their outdoor tennis courts. They were thrilled with the...

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Why Do Vertical and Horizontal Illuminances Matter?

Depending on the type and level of play of your specific application, the required light intensity measurement will differ. Illuminance, also known as incident light or brightness, refers to the amount of light that hits a surface. The only way to be sure that proper...

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