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Sports lighters from Access Fixtures are available in various light sources including traditional HID and LED. These fixtures are designed to provide even lighting over your outdoor area or sports court. Wattage go as high as 1500w for metal halide and 567w for LED, allowing enough light output for game play at night.

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Great for lighting basketball and other outdoor sports courts, Access Fixtures sports lighters are designed with an aluminum reflector to direct the light onto the court. Made of a heavy duty aluminum and covered in a chromate conversion coating and powder coat paint, these fixtures are designed to withstand the elements, providing years of lighting for your outdoor area.

LED sports lighters are designed similar to traditional HID sports lighters, but utilize an LED array with heat sinks to provide 140 lumens per watt of light. These LED sports lighters are rated for 100,000 hours, meaning less maintenance over the life of the luminaire. Designed for pole top mounting, these LED sports lighters are perfect for providing energy efficient lighting to any outdoor area including parking lots, basketball courts, and sports stadiums.

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New Indirect LED Indoor Tennis Court Lighting by Access Fixtures

Today, Access Fixtures announces the introduction of the new TULA Series of indirect LED tennis court lighting fixtures available in three wattages. Delivering superior performance of 140 lumens per watt, the TULA indirect tennis court luminaires emit between 47,400...

Access Fixtures Features Affordable LED Volleyball Court Lighting

WORCESTER, MA, August, 25, 2015 — Access Fixtures, a leading provider of high quality commercial and sports lighting, has announced they are now offering LED volleyball sports court lighting packages at a new, reduced price. LED volleyball sports court lighting...

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Why Do Vertical and Horizontal Illuminances Matter?

What Is Illuminance? Depending on the type and level of play, certain sports and activities require specific illumination levels. The only way to be sure the proper light level is available is to measure it. Illuminance is this measure, calculated at a surface (like...

Why Choose PSMH Luminaires with Multi-Tap Ballasts Over LEDs?

It is Saturday afternoon and we get a call forwarded from the office. On the other end is a customer in North Carolina who has purchased a pulse start metal halide (PSMH) lighting system for his half basketball court. His electrician has just told him that the PSMH...

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