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Demand for energy savings has brought T5 lighting to the forefront of the market. Customers with warehouses, light manufacturing facilities, and more are replacing old style Probe Start Metal Halides and Mercury Vapor fixtures with T5 light fixtures.

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T5 LightingT5 Lighting Exclusively Uses Electronic ballasts

  • Lighter weight and smaller size than electromagnetic ballasts
  • Increase system efficiency because they use less power themselves
  • Operate at very high frequencies eliminating strobe and ballast hum

T5 Light Fixtures Exclusively Uses Programmed Start (PS)

  • Extends the life of the lamps without using extra energy
  • Works well with motion detectors and frequent on-off cycles

T5 Bulbs Emits More Light per Lamp – 1 T5HO Lamp Equals 2 T8 Lamps

  • Reduces the number of lamps required to light an area
  • Potentially fewer ballasts required
  • Less lamps to purchase
  • Half the number of lamps to recycle at end of life

T5 Lighting has 85 CRI Which is Very High Color Rendering

  • Superior color rendering of products and surroundings
  • 17% better than standard T8 and 37% better than T12

T5 has the Highest Efficacy and Loves Warm Locations

  • T5 emits 83+ lumens per watt at 95 degrees
  • T8 is most efficient at 77 degrees and loses efficacy at higher temps
  • Lamps located by the ceiling are typically operating at higher temps

The T5 fixtures use a fraction of the power of the old Probe Start Metal Halide. Additionally, when fitted with a programmed start ballast the fixtures can have an occupancy sensor and the on/off feature will not reduce the operating life of the lamps. In virtually all cases the switch to T5 lighting will reduce energy use expenses by thousands of dollars a year and pay for the new fixtures a matter of months. Also, frequently there are demand supply management rebates from electric companies for switching energy efficient T5 fixtures. Click this link for incentives in your state.

T5 lamps produce light by activating selected phosphors on the inner surface of the bulb with ultraviolet energy, which is generated by a mercury arc. Because of the characteristics of a gaseous arc, a ballast is needed to start and operate fluorescent lamps. The advantages of the T5 fluorescent light source include improved efficacy and longer life than incandescent lamps. Efficacy for T5 fluorescent lamps ranges from 85 to 90 lumens per watt. Their low surface brightness and heat generation make them ideal for offices and schools where thermal and visual comfort is considered important.

The disadvantages of T5 lighting are minor but include their large size relative to the amount of light produced. Controlling the light is more difficult too. The light floods or washes and area which results in a diffuse, shadow-less environment. The use of T5 lighting outdoors areas is somewhat less economical because light output of a fluorescent source is reduced at lower ambient temperatures. This is more relevant in very northern parts of the US.

Fluorescent Lighting News

Access Fixtures T5HO High Bay Fixtures Now as Low as $25 With Energy Supplier Rebates

WORCESTER, Mass., June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures announced T5 linear fluorescent fixtures at all-time low prices when combined with rebates from local energy companies. T5 light fixtures are CEE compliant and qualify for most energy supplier rebates. With extended lamp life, improved efficacy and superior light quality, T5HO light fixtures are a superior alternative to HID and T12 light sources commonly used in commercial and industrial workspaces. With rebates lowering cost to as low as $25, facility managers can enjoy improved performance while attaining fast return on investment. “Compared with HID or T12 lighting, T5HO linear fluorescent fixtures use significantly less electricity and stop wasting money on excessive energy expenses,” said Access Fixtures Sales Manager, Dan Rodriguez. He continued, “Facility managers save money with lower maintenance and reduced energy use while experiencing fast ROI due to the price of the T5HO luminaires being lowered by rebates.” With rebates from a local energy company in Texas, an Access Fixtures customer was able to purchase 6 Lamp 54 watt T5HO linear fluorescent high bay fixtures for $25 per fixture. The fixture was originally priced at $129.99 for a savings of $104.99 per fixture after rebate. T5 linear fluorescent fixtures cut down energy consumption up to 70% compared to HID lamps while providing a better light output. Rebates on T5HO fixtures include T5 and T5HO high bay, vapor proof, and troffer type fixtures. Visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency or contact Access Fixtures for additional information on similar rebates for T5HO lighting in your area. About Access Fixtures: Access Fiuxtures is commercial and sports lighting for...

Unbeatable Prices on T5 Lamps at Access Fixtures

Access Fixture is now proudly offering T5 linear fluorescent lamps far below market price. The new T5 lamps are available in GE and Phillips brand options. Prices start at $4.99 for GE, and $5.99 for Phillips. Access Fixtures is able to offer such low prices because of OEM positioning. T5 lamps are renowned for being extremely energy efficient, helping to save on energy and electricity costs. All T5 lamps output around 5,000 lumens and have an average life of 30,000 hours. “Our position in the market allows us to offer a truly groundbreaking price level of $4.99 on the GE T5HO Lamp.” said Steven Rothschild, CEO of Access Fixtures. He continued, “Our philosophy at Access Fixtures is simple. We sell the same thing for less money.” Access Fixtures sells top quality luminaires at factory direct prices to commercial electricians, facility managers and others in need of commercial or sports lighting at low prices. The consistent low price point of fixtures has created demand for replacement lamps. The new T5 lamps add to Access Fixtures extensive line of bulbs and lighting fixtures including bollard lights, LED bulbs and LED wall packs. T5 lighting is great multi-purpose indoor lighting that is popular in commercial offices and warehouses. The T5 lamps are energy efficient, require low maintenance, and offer a high color rendering index. Access Fixtures offers bulbs in cases of 25 and convenient shipping options. About Access Fixtures Access Fixtures is commercial and sports lighting for less, and features light fixtures with LED, induction, eHID, PSMH, T5HO and CFL light sources that are long lasting and energy saving. With custom manufacturing...

Access Fixtures Introduces New Low Priced T5HO High Bay Fixtures

Access Fixtures is now proudly offering four lamp and six lamp T5HO linear fluorescent high bay light fixtures with GE T5HO program start ballasts and GE Ecolux T5HO lamps at significantly lower prices. Previously T5HO high bay luminaires with major brand name components were only available at much higher prices. T5HO high bay fixtures are ideal for commercial and industrial lighting applications offering long life, excellent color renditioning, superior energy efficiency, and are more environmentally friendly. They are also compatible with occupancy sensors. “T5 high bay lighting is changing the way warehouses, factories, gyms and other high ceiling locations are lit. They have a high color rendering index, higher system efficacy, long lamp life, and a more uniform lumen distribution,” said Access Fixtures CEO Steven Rothschild. He continued, “Now companies can enjoy superior light, increased energy efficiency and lower maintenance along with the assurance of GE components all at a lower price.” T5HO linear fluorescent high bay luminaires with GE components have a lamp life of 30,000 hours, 50% to 100% more life, and the lamps are 85 CRI, significantly better than 63 to 70 as compared to metal halide, T12 or T8 lighting. There is lower Mercury content, leading to reduced disposal costs. Additionally, T5HO lighting has only 6% lumen depreciation over the life of the lamps, offering lumen output over the lamps life. T5HO fluorescent high bay fixtures have instant on and instant re-strike capability, which means no re-strike time and compatibility with occupancy sensors for additional lamp life and reduced energy use. For more information on T5H0 linear fluorescent high bay light fixtures call or visit...


Fluorescent Lighting Projects


The Answer For Horse Stables – T5HO Vapor Tight Fixtures

A racetrack in Maryland contacted Access Fixtures looking to install fixtures in a new building where horses will be stabled. Horse stables generate dust from hay that the horses eat, wood shavings which are used for bedding, and from the open air ventilation which inherently creates a buildup of dust and dirt. To maintain suitable and efficient light output, the fixtures need to be periodically hosed down to prevent dust and dirt from collecting on the fixtures. An Access Fixtures lighting specialist recommended a 6 Lamp T5HO Vapor Tight High Bay Fixture with an emergency backup ballast. Access Fixtures’ rugged T5HO vapor-tight high bay fixtures are engineered to withstand this type of environment. The fixture is fully gasketed to provide total protection from dust and moisture penetration, which enables the luminaire to be hosed down as needed. It also features stainless steel hardware for maximum durability. The county’s electrical code requires the fixtures to be NEMA 3R rated. The customer had originally chosen another company to provide the T5HO luminaires, but then it turned out they could not meet the NEMA-rated standards for the fixture. Fortunately for the stable, they found Access Fixtures’ 6-lamp T5 vapor-tight high bay fixture is rated NEMA 4x, exceeding the county code’s requirements. This type of enclosure is watertight, extremely corrosion-resistant, and is often used on ship docks, dairies, and breweries. Recommending T5HO linear fluorescent lighting was an obvious choice. T5HO is energy efficient and cost effective. T5HO luminaires exclusively use electronic ballasts that are lighter weight and smaller size than electromagnetic ballasts, increase system efficiency because they use less power themselves, and operate...

New Trampoline Sports Facility to be Illuminated with T5HO Lighting

Access Fixtures lighting specialists received a call from a new business, Launch Trampoline Park. Launch Trampoline Park was looking for T5HO lighting to light their new location in Watertown, Mass. The building where this business will be housed is 37,000 square feet in size and in need of ample light. Inside this trampoline park there will be many trampolines as well as Xtreme Dodge Ball tournaments and a free fall area. With this amount of activity taking place, the lighting is important. Guests attending the park need to feel the facility is clean and safe. They also need to see obstructions and other people before bouncing from one spot to another. Working with Access Fixtures lighting specialists, Launch Trampoline Park chose 6-lamp T5HO linear fluorescent fixtures equipped with GE ballasts and a lens. The lens will help protect the lamps from being hit by flying objects as well as protect visitors if a lamp should ever break. The high output lamps being used enabled the facility designers to achieve an average of 60 foot candles, while being energy efficient. The new trampoline park building is still being renovated and is expected to open in December. The Access Fixtures team hopes to visit the park to support a local business while checking out the lighting...

I have T8 luminaires in my retail store and want to reduce energy use. Should I replace them with T5 or T5HO?

A property manager contacted Access Fixtures with a goal to save energy in his retail store. He wanted to know if upgrading T8 linear fluorescent luminaires to T5 or T5HO luminaires would accomplish this. Although T5 is a newer technology, high-performance T8 lamps and ballasts remain slightly more efficient than T5. T8s can have the highest energy efficiency out of all linear fluorescent lamps. It this case it would depend on the efficiency of the ballasts presently installed. If the ballasts are an older less efficient ballast the property owner might save money by changing the ballast to a Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) approved ballast. This may save some energy. The second option that could be taken along with changing the ballast is to go to lower wattage T8 lamps. A 25w T8 lamp on an efficient ballast will generates up to 100 lumens per watt. To be sure, the situation requires more analysis including desired light levels, CRI, and the cost of electricity. For more information on how to choose the right linear fluorescent lamps, ballasts and luminaire for your lighting project, visit our new fluorescent lighting learn page or contact an Access Fixtures lighting...


Fluorescent Lighting Blogs


T5HO Continues to Dominate the Market

T5HO fixtures are continuing to dominate the market as the leading choice for anyone with high ceilings and large areas that require high output lighting. While LEDs threaten to overtake CFLs in most avenues, T5HO remains the luminaire of choice for large area high bay applications thanks to wide availability and low prices. With an output of 5,000 lumens, approximately 1.5 times the output of T8 lamps, T5HO strikes a balance between the bright, far-reaching light expected from LED fixtures with the low price point and accessibility of standard linear fluorescents. While the efficiency of T5HO can not compare with LEDs, the differential in efficacy between T5HO and T8 lighting is minimal. However, T5HO boasts vastly superior illumination over the T8 luminaire. This bigger, brighter output also means that far fewer lamps are required to light the area. So how do you determine if T5HO lighting is the right choice for you? Initially the size of the facility must be considered. T5HO is ideal for high ceiling applications and large areas, such as warehouses, gymnasiums and large offices. However, there are a few important factors that could still rule out T5HO as the best lighting option. One concern is the need for replacement. While the lumen outputs of T5HO and LEDs are nearly identical, the T5HO is rated for 25,000-35,000 hours, compared to the longevity of some LEDs which are rated at 100,000 hours. Are the fixtures easily accessible to change the lamps as necessary? Does the company budget have room for more frequent replacements? A second factor to consider is the glass and mercury contained in T5HO lamps....

Retrofitting Outdated Office Lighting to Meet Modern Working Environments

From a lighting perspective, the typical office environment of today is radically different than it was even just a few short years ago. Computers have not only changed the way many of us work, but, with this change in technology, the spaces in which we perform this work now require a completely different type of lighting than was common in the past. What’s the difference? Today, computers with high resolution monitors already provide light, consequently making overhead lighting less critical. Many also want to be able to create their own personal lighting environment around their desks. These trends are leading to far lower light levels overhead office lighting, allowing the creation of more flexible lighting environments. When a customer contacts Access Fixtures to retrofit an office, the solution is no longer relamping one for one and matching the initial lumen output. Lighting specialists will analyze the office for the amount of lumens required, and then determine how many T8 LED tube lights (TLEDs) would be needed when swapping out T8 or T12 lamps. For instance, a 20 x 40 office was recently retrofitted originally had eight wrap luminaires, each equipped with four 32w T8 linear fluorescent lamps. The light levels were much higher than the workers preferred, since they were all working on computers. There were also large windows that allowed a lot of light into the office. Since the lights were on separate switches, sometimes the workers would shut off some of the lights, typically the ones near the windows. This, unfortunately, produced uneven lighting in the office and the next person passing by would turn the lights...

What’s the Fuss About California’s Title 24?

State energy codes were meant to help save energy and encourage property managers to choose the most energy-efficient options available, but what happens when the codes become so cumbersome and expensive that it inhibits properties from getting the necessary updates that they need? This is what seems to be happening in California. The original Title 24 regulation set standard and encouraged energy conservation, but the new Title 24 regulations may have gone to far, and may even be written to promote special interests. For example, a public school district in California approved a new lighting retrofit that was accepted under the original Title 24. With the new update that took effect in July 2014, the school district had no choice but to cancel the upgrade. The requirements made the retrofit much more expensive and without significant energy savings. The same story is being told for many other buildings in the state. Before the latest update, Title 24 had different requirements for retrofits than it had for new construction. This made sense because new construction requires new lighting and control products anyway, while retrofits already have existing lighting and controls that can be easily updated to become more energy efficient. The recent update treats retrofits and new construction relatively the same, which has led to lighting retrofits costing 20%-30% more under the update. For example, the previous Title 24 allowed checker-boarding the lights on different switches if the existing fixtures had inboard/outboard lighting. The update requires bi-level lighting in almost every fixture, unless the lighting power density (LPD) is less than 0.5 watts per square foot (WSF). The cost of...

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