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Demand for energy savings has brought T5 lighting to the forefront of the market. Customers with warehouses, light manufacturing facilities, and more are replacing old style Probe Start Metal Halides and Mercury Vapor fixtures with T5 light fixtures.

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T5 LightingT5 Lighting Exclusively Uses Electronic ballasts

  • Lighter weight and smaller size than electromagnetic ballasts
  • Increase system efficiency because they use less power themselves
  • Operate at very high frequencies eliminating strobe and ballast hum

T5 Light Fixtures Exclusively Uses Programmed Start (PS)

  • Extends the life of the lamps without using extra energy
  • Works well with motion detectors and frequent on-off cycles

T5 Bulbs Emits More Light per Lamp – 1 T5HO Lamp Equals 2 T8 Lamps

  • Reduces the number of lamps required to light an area
  • Potentially fewer ballasts required
  • Less lamps to purchase
  • Half the number of lamps to recycle at end of life

T5 Lighting has 85 CRI Which is Very High Color Rendering

  • Superior color rendering of products and surroundings
  • 17% better than standard T8 and 37% better than T12

T5 has the Highest Efficacy and Loves Warm Locations

  • T5 emits 83+ lumens per watt at 95 degrees
  • T8 is most efficient at 77 degrees and loses efficacy at higher temps
  • Lamps located by the ceiling are typically operating at higher temps

The T5 fixtures use a fraction of the power of the old Probe Start Metal Halide. Additionally, when fitted with a programmed start ballast the fixtures can have an occupancy sensor and the on/off feature will not reduce the operating life of the lamps. In virtually all cases the switch to T5 lighting will reduce energy use expenses by thousands of dollars a year and pay for the new fixtures a matter of months. Also, frequently there are demand supply management rebates from electric companies for switching energy efficient T5 fixtures. Click this link for incentives in your state.

T5 lamps produce light by activating selected phosphors on the inner surface of the bulb with ultraviolet energy, which is generated by a mercury arc. Because of the characteristics of a gaseous arc, a ballast is needed to start and operate fluorescent lamps. The advantages of the T5 fluorescent light source include improved efficacy and longer life than incandescent lamps. Efficacy for T5 fluorescent lamps ranges from 85 to 90 lumens per watt. Their low surface brightness and heat generation make them ideal for offices and schools where thermal and visual comfort is considered important.

The disadvantages of T5 lighting are minor but include their large size relative to the amount of light produced. Controlling the light is more difficult too. The light floods or washes and area which results in a diffuse, shadow-less environment. The use of T5 lighting outdoors areas is somewhat less economical because light output of a fluorescent source is reduced at lower ambient temperatures. This is more relevant in very northern parts of the US.

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