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Outdoor commercial wall packs are available with LED, screw-in CFL, and HID lamp types. Commercial wall packs come in various housings to suit your application and can be custom finished in your choice of color. Wall packs are great for area and accent lighting in commercial and industrial locations. For more information, check out our LED Wall Packs page!

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Commercial Wall Packs – Styles, Sizes and Applications

Wall pack light fixtures or luminaires are exterior grade light fixtures that are ideal for illuminating walkways,streets, and driveways adjacent to buildings. Wall packs are typically mounted on the sides of buildings, but are sometimes able to be pole mounted too. Beyond being functional by emitting light, many wall packs also provide aesthetic value. For instance while two wall packs mounted on either side of an entrance will emit light, when using a stylized wall pack that is possibly custom finished, the wall pack will also make the building architecturally interesting. Wall packs distribute light in three basic patterns. Standard wall packs distribute light out and down. Semi and full cutoff wall packs distribute light only down. Up-Down wall packs distribute light up and down, using the light to see as well a light to see by. There is a lot to consider when purchasing wall packs.

Commercial Wall Packs – Construction

Architectural Wall Pack Light

Our architectural up/down wall pack installed at a Golden Chick restaurant.

Access Fixtures high quality wall pack housings are constructed of cast aluminum and treated with a chromate conversion coating to deter corrosion. A powder coat finish is then applied to the wall pack to provide a durable paint covering.

Inside the housing of the wall pack is where the electrical components are found. Some wall packs have components that are manufactured outside of the United States. In addition, we offer wall packs that come with components that are made in the USA. This means that the entire wall pack is assembled in the United Stated using brand name components.

Outdoor Wall Packs – Sizing

Wall packs increase with size for two reasons, to achieve a design and to house higher lumen output systems. While design would seem obvious, the later may not. The same wall pack design may frequently be manufactured in different sizes to house higher wattage, higher lumen emitting light systems. Increased size fits larger lamps and ballasts. Also, more space inside the luminaire helsp to reduce heat and the effect of heat on the ballast. Increasing the overall size or adding a deeper box to the back of the luminaire can achieve an increase in size.

Outdoor Wall Packs – Lamp Types

Custom painted round wall pack

Our wall packs can be custom painted to match any aesthetic.

There are five types of lighting technology to choose from when purchasing wall packs: high pressure sodium, pulse start-metal halide, compact fluorescent, induction, and LED. Each option works well in some situations and may not work as well in others. There is no best option, so choose the option that best fits your needs.

Light Pollution

When choosing your wall packs, you should consider the three components of light pollution: light glare, light trespass, and sky glow. Light glare is the harsh, uncomfortable brightness that light fixtures sometimes produce. Light trespass is the amount of light that exceeds the boundaries of a given area, such as a flood light that lights up a neighbor’s property. Sky glow is the amount of light emitted upwards that illuminates the night sky.

Many regions require property owners to meet certain standards regarding light pollution, particularly if you are in a city of urban area where dark sky compliance is a concern. In these situations, wall packs should be full cutoff, ensuring that light is emitted either downward or slightly forward. This prevents light from shining upwards into the sky or into surrounding properties.

Vandal Resistant Wall Packs

LG LED Wall Pack

Vandal resistant wall packs use LG LED light modules to prevent breakage.

The vandal resistant LED wall packs use traditional designs that architects and designers are familiar with, but stead of using glass on the front of the fixture, the entire fixture is encased in heavy-duty aluminum. Removing the glass leaves nothing to break, but it means the light engines have to be included in a new way. Access Fixtures was able to take LG LED modules and install them over pre-driled holes for conduit. This innovative designs keep the lights on to prevent malicious activity and provides an architectural design anyone can enjoy.


Wall Pack News

Access Fixtures Releases New Dual Purpose Canopy Wall Packs

WORCESTER, Mass., July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures, a US based leader in commercial, industrial, and sports lighting, is announcing the release of a new canopy luminaire that can also be used as a wall pack. Canopy lights are typically installed in the ceiling of a venue, for example under the canopy at a hotel entrance, and have multiple applications including side entrances and parking garages. Wall packs are frequently decorative and illuminate entrances, walkways and parking areas where poles are not feasible options. “The flexible applications of this product open up a lot of new options for property managers who are looking to add LED lighting to their canopy, building or parking garage,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “We now have an LED luminaire that can easily transition from ceiling or wall use and satisfy the needs of the consumer who may have a project that requires either or both.” The new dual purpose luminaires are available in multiple wattages starting with a 21w high output LED version in standard architectural bronze or custom RAL finishing options. They feature a polycarbonate lens, with options for a photocell and dimming capabilities. The luminaire is compatible for installation with lighting controls. Rated at 100,000 hours of operating life, the dual purpose canopy light/wall pack comes with all the benefits of LED lighting, including extreme energy efficiency and virtually no maintenance. Mounted under a canopy, entrance ceiling, or on a wall as a wall pack, these luminaires are ready to ship now. About Access Fixtures Access Fixtures offers commercial and sports lighting for less, and features light fixtures with LED,...

Wildlife-Friendly Architectural Amber LED Wall Packs Introduced by Access Fixtures

WORCESTER, Mass., June 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures, a U.S.-based leader in commercial and sports lighting, is announcing the addition of wildlife-friendly amber LED oval cylinder wall packs. LED wall packs are ideal for lighting buildings, walkways, and parking areas in commercial, residential or industrial applications. Wildlife-friendly lighting is desirable to reduce light pollution in areas where excessive artificial lighting can harm ecosystems, especially coastal areas where sea turtles need a dark sky to migrate towards the ocean. Maintaining all the benefits of LED lighting, the amber LED light minimizes disturbances in sensitive ecosystems. Species affected by artificial lighting can see wavelengths used in traditional light sources, but cannot see longer wavelengths like 590 nm used in amber LEDs. “Amber LEDs make it possible for us to fully serve the lighting needs of humans without harming local wildlife,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “The combination of decreased light pollution and energy efficiency means no one has to choose between high performance and environmental responsibility.” The LED wall packs are housed in corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum with a bronze or white powdercoat finish over chromate conversion coating. Rated for 100,000 hours, the LED wall packs virtually eliminate maintenance costs associated with replacement of new lamps. The single direction oval wall packs are available in 32w and 63w, while the multidirectional architectural style has options for total wattage of 64w, 95w (63w/32w), 95w (32w/63w), and 126w. Access Fixtures LED wall packs are assembled in the USA using domestic and imported components. About Access Fixtures Access Fixtures offers commercial and sports lighting for less, and features light fixtures with LED, induction, eHID,...

New Oval LED Wall Packs from Access Fixtures Achieve Highest Lumen Output

WORCESTER, Mass., May 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of commercial and sports lighting, announced its new line of LED oval cylinder wall packs that achieve the highest lumen output available in this style of LED wall pack. The LED wall packs are available in various wattages, ranging from 32w to 126w, and in two configurations; one emitting light both up and down and another emitting light either up or down. These new energy-efficient LED wall packs illuminate walkways while adding architectural flair to commercial and industrial buildings. “As technology advances, Access Fixtures is able to expand its line of high-output LED luminaires,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “These new wall packs enable our customers to choose energy-efficient LED for high-lumen applications.” The LED wall packs that emit light either up or down are available in 32w and 63w, and emit 4,431 and 8,862 light source lumens, respectively. The LED wall packs that emit light both up and down are available in 64w, 95w, and 126w. These LED wall packs emit 8,862, 13,293, and 17,724 light source lumens, respectively. Rated for 100,000 hours, the LED wall packs virtually eliminate maintenance costs associated with replacement of new lamps. The fixtures are available in two Kelvin temperatures, 4300K or 5700k, and have the option to be dimmable. The LED wall packs are housed in corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum with a bronze or white powdercoat finish over chromate conversion coating. Access Fixtures LED wall packs are assembled in the USA using domestic and imported components. About Access Fixtures Access Fixtures offers commercial and sports lighting for less, and features...

Recent Wall Pack Projects

Condo in Destin Florida Selects Access Fixtures Turtle-Friendly LED Wall Packs

Access Fixtures specialists were recently approached by the owner of a commercial condominium property in Destin, Florida. The customer was seeking an affordable LED  wall pack upgrade for their  that would save money on energy without posing a threat to the surrounding wildlife. As home to 90% of the nesting sea turtles in the United States, Florida takes conservation efforts seriously, and the customer wanted to abide by local regulations. Choosing Turtle-Friendly LED Wall Packs That Meet Code The state of Florida has been active in the conservation of sea turtle habitats for many years, having developed a model lighting ordinance in 1993 to guide local governments in creating standards of lighting for properties along coastal areas. Destin, in particular, adopted the Land Development Code in 2004, which describes specifications for outdoor lighting which prevents or eliminates light pollution. Lighting a Beachfront Florida Condominium with LED The condominium property was right on the beach, with rooms and a pool that were accessible from the dunes. They needed an unobtrusive lighting option that would provide a safe level of illumination for guests without posing a threat to the environment. An Access Fixtures specialist recommended the 32w amber LED small wall packs. Amber LED Wall Packs Feature the Best of Both Worlds Amber LED is an excellent energy efficient option for lighting that is also wildlife-friendly. The LED lamp is specifically calibrated to emit light at a lower wavelength, producing a warm glow that certain species, like sea turtles, cannot see. The 32w amber LED small wall pack is energy efficient, with a total lumen output of 4,431, and virtually eliminates...

Turtle-Friendly Lighting for the US Military

Recently, a US military base located on an island off the coast of Virginia approached Access Fixtures for a solution to replace their damaged high pressure sodium (HPS) wall packs. An incident on base and years of coastal weather wear had depreciated the light quality in their current fixtures. Several were outright damaged and the base was left in the dark. The base was looking to reduce overall cost and, given their seaside location, utilize a turtle-friendly lighting solution. Originally the base was using 100w HPS wall packs to light their outdoor facilities. High pressure sodium was a popular choice for outdoor lighting in the 1970s when increasing energy costs placed more emphasis on efficiency. Lumen output ranges between 80 to 140 lumens per watt, although HPS lamps are able to produce 7 times the amount of light per watt than incandescent and twice as much as fluorescent lights. Their low kelvin temperature produces a yellow light which was considered valuable for outdoor lighting due to its less detrimental effect on the environment. However, HPS lamps still contain mercury as a part of their operation which makes them more dangerous to use and dispose of. Today, there are much better options for outdoor lighting that provide more benefits for consumers–and for wildlife. For the US military base in Virginia, Specialist Stephanie Derby was able to recommend the 45w amber high output LED traditional wall pack from Access Fixtures. These LED fixtures have a vastly longer life expectancy than the HPS option at 100,000 hours and their light output is specifically tuned to produce an orange color that does not negatively affect wildlife....

Hotel Installs Vandal Resistant LED Lighting from Access Fixtures

Access Fixtures received a call from a Comfort Suites property manager looking for energy efficient LED lighting for the grounds of the hotel. The first area to light was the walkways and front driveway of the hotel. Next, the property manager wanted to add some parking lot lighting as well as light-up two flag poles on the property. Lighting specialists were able to provide LED bollards, LED Vandal Resistant Landscape lighting, and LED flood lights to the hotel. The LED landscape lighting luminaires were suggested because they are vandal-resistant and will be able to withstand anyone walking along the grounds, children kicking the fixtures, or lawnmowers hitting them.<p> The property manager needed to add area lighting around the entrance of the hotel, so LED bollard lights with LG LED modules were used. The reflector used is our newest specialized aluminum cone to maximize the light output. The LED landscape lighting also uses the LG LED modules to help make them vandal-resistant by removing the lens. The last fixture used is a 16” high output LED flood light that will be used to light a small parking area. All the fixtures will reduce maintenance due to rated lives of 50,000 hours or more. In addition, we were able to match the Kelvin temperature of the lights across all the fixtures to provide consistency throughout the property.<p> To find a solution for your lighting project, contact an Access Fixtures lighting...

Wall Pack Blogs

5 Affordable LED Upgrades for 150w Commercial Wall Packs

Why You Should Replace Your Old 150w Wall Packs With LED Wall Packs 150w Equivalent LED Wall Pack Pricing Pricing has become so low there is little price difference between the prices of LED wall packs and old technology wall packs. LEDs Have Superior Lumen Maintenance or Wall Packs With Superior Lumen Maintenance HID lamps lose 40% of their light output during the first half of the lamp’s life while LED have high lumen maintenance. Replacing 150w Lamps v. Never Replacing Burnt Out Lamps LED lasts 50,000 to 100,000 hours, enhancing safety and reducing maintenance. 150w HID Lamps burn out on average every 7500 to 10,000 hours. Many 150w Equivalent LED Wall Packs Have Rebates Check with an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist to find out if you qualify for rebates on a 150w equivalent LED wall pack.   5 Affordable LED Options to Replace a 150w HID Wall Pack     For more information on replacing old 100w HID wall packs with 100w equivalent LED wall packs, be sure to contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist at 888.521.2582.                                                                                                                                                                      ...

Affordable LED Upgrades for 100w Full Cutoff Wall Packs

Why LED Upgrades for 100w Full Cutoff Wall Packs Are Worth It 1. 100w Equivalent LED Wall Pack Pricing Pricing has come down so much, there is little difference between the prices of LED wall packs and HID wall packs. 2. LEDs Have Superior Lumen Maintenance HID lamps lose 40% of their light output during the first half of their life while LEDs have high lumen maintenance. 3. Replacing 100w Lamps vs. Not Replacing Burnt Out Lamps Replacing lamps takes time and costs money. 100w HID lamps burn out every 7500 to 10,000 hours. LEDs last 50,000 to 100,000 hours. 4. Many 100w-Equivalent LED Wall Packs Have Rebates Many electric companies offer rebates on 100w equivalent LED wall packs. Check with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist to find out if you qualify. 5 Affordable LED Options to Replace a 100w HID Wall Pack       For more information on replacing old 100w HID wall packs with 100w equivalent LED wall packs, be sure to contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist at (888) 521-2582.          ...

Upgrading LED Wall Packs: Replace or Retrofit?

LED Wall Pack Replacement vs. Retrofit Kit Recent reports by the Department of Energy show that market penetration for LED lighting is steadily growing. The energy savings and long-term reduction in maintenance costs have made LED lighting a compelling option for property managers. However, transitioning away from traditional fixtures can be tricky and the initial cost can be daunting. Customers frequently want to know which route is the most cost-effective: replacing the entire fixture or investing in an LED retrofit kit? What Is an LED Wall Pack Retrofit Kit? Recently, we received a call from a customer seeking to replace their outdated metal halide wall packs. They were looking for an LED wall pack replacement and asked for more information about our 50w LED retrofit kit for wall packs. An LED retrofit kit uses the existing fixture housing, which is emptied of all components. Then, a new LED retrofit kit and LED driver are installed in the body of the fixture. A retrofit kit has classically been the cheaper option at installation. However, they are less efficient than new LED wall packs and require more labor to install. They also tend to have a shorter operating life (rated at 50,000 hours) than most new LED wall packs, which have an impressive rating of 100,000 hours. Is a Retrofit Still a Cost-Effective Way to Upgrade to LED Wall Packs? LED production is becoming less and less expensive as manufacturing methods and materials improve. LED lighting on the market is more affordable than ever, and equivalent retrofit kits are no longer guaranteed to be the cheapest possible option. If customers can now purchase a full LED wall...

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