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Access Fixtures builds premium grade light fixtures offered at factory direct pricing. Most light fixtures come in a choice lamp type and wattage, as well as in standard and custom colors. Light fixtures by Access Fixtures use major USA brand name ballasts and lamps. Most light fixtures are assembled or manufactured in the USA.



The Answer For Horse Stables – T5HO Vapor Tight Fixtures

A racetrack in Maryland contacted Access Fixtures looking to install fixtures in a new building where horses will be stabled. Horse stables generate dust from hay that the horses eat, wood shavings which are used for bedding, and from the open air ventilation which...


Find Rebates for T8 LED Tube Lights

T8 LED tube lights, or TLEDs, are quickly becoming more popular due to their improvements, energy savings, and price reductions. Access Fixtures recently announced a new line of TLEDs that include internal drivers with direct AC input. At $13.99 per lamp, these TLEDs...

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