Access Fixtures builds premium grade light fixtures offered at factory direct pricing. Most light fixtures come in a choice lamp type and wattage, as well as in standard and custom colors. Light fixtures by Access Fixtures use major USA brand name ballasts and lamps. Most light fixtures are assembled or manufactured in the USA.


Access Fixtures LED Bollard Light Featured at Green Technology Showcase in Pasadena

WORCESTER, MA, November 5, 2015—Access Fixtures, an industry leader in commercial and industrial LED lighting, provided one of their energy-efficient LED bollard lights to be showcased at the Green Technology event in Pasadena, California. The Green Technology event was part of an ongoing effort to provide open forums where private-sector industry leaders in green technologies can communicate with business owners, property managers, and government officials who would benefit from energy-efficient updates. “We’re excited to have our LED bollard light featured because it exemplifies superior energy efficiency,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “LED lighting technology has arrived and is now providing significant return on investment. It makes sense for organizations to convert to environmentally friendly LEDs and to reduce their energy consumption.” Access Fixtures’ 15w LED bollard light reduces energy use by 87% compared to a similarly styled PSMH bollard light. The bollard light featured at this event was a 15w round dome top LED bollard with a specialized aluminum cone. The bollard uses LEDs mounted in the head of the bollard and sends light down and out. The emitted light achieves superior light distribution and efficacy by also reflecting off the specialized aluminum cone reflector. The bollard light was selected by a representative from Gonneville, Inc., a company that assists federal, local, and national governments with a wide range of environmentally conscious product solutions. With their display, Gonneville hoped to encourage local schools to convert their outdated HID property lighting to cost-effective, energy efficient, low-maintenance LED bollards made in the USA. Are you looking for a lighting solution for your commercial or public property? Call an experienced lighting...


Choosing Affordable LED Wall Pack Upgrades for a Public School in Philadelphia

A public school in Philadelphia, PA, recently contacted the lighting experts at Access Fixtures to ask for help upgrading their old high pressure sodium (HPS) wall packs to something more energy-efficient. They were already considering LED wall packs but were left with a common conundrum: Should they retrofit the wall packs or entirely replace them? Two Energy-Efficient Options: Retrofit Kits and LED Wall Packs The school had six HPS wall packs that were quickly approaching the end of their lives. Several had stopped functioning altogether; others were flickering their way into uselessness. To keep the property safe and well-lit, the school needed to install new wall packs. They knew they would be able to save more money annually by switching to LED, but how? Their initial searches led them to 25w retrofit kit for wall packs designed to easily upgrade HPS wall packs to LED. The kits had everything they needed to retrofit their existing wall pack fixtures. To work properly, the lamps, ballasts, and sockets would have to be removed from the old wall pack casings, and a 25w LED lamp would have to be wired in. Pros and Cons: Extra Labor or Extra Cost? The retrofit kit includes a 25w LED mounted on an extruded aluminum heat sink that produces 2,200 light source lumens and is rated to last up to 50,000 hours. The individual kits are priced at $149.99, making them a cost-effective, high-performance solution for the school. However, the school would need to invest time and manual labor into retrofitting each of the current fixtures. Lighting specialists at Access Fixtures also presented the school with...


Food Processing Facilities Gain LED Lighting Option with NSF Sanitation Certified T8 LEDs

With their newly acquired NSF sanitation certification, Forest Lighting’s LED products can now provide long-term energy savings to the food processing industry! Forest Lighting, the USA branch of worldwide LED manufacturer MLS distributed by Access Fixtures, has officially received certification for their T8 LED tube lamps by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). The certification falls under the requirements of “NSF/ANSI Standard 2: Food Equipment.” Forest Lighting’s T8 LED tube lamps from Access Fixtures can now be used in the food processing  industry, specifically automated food processing facilities, kitchens, and serving areas. Sanitation Certification: What Does It Mean? The NSF sanitation certification requires that all materials that could come into contact with food materials must be in line with FDA standards. There are three categories of certification for equipment intended for use in the food industry: Non-Food Zone, Splash Zone, and Food Zone. How a piece of equipment is certified is determined by two factors: its proximity to food products and whether or not it will be affected by food sanitation processes. If the latter is an issue, lighting fixtures must be able to withstand high-pressure washing and cannot pose any risk of chipping or dripping into food materials. Clean Lighting for the Food Industry Few industries have more stringent requirements than the food industry. To meet regulations and achieve the necessary light levels, food processing facility managers have been paying top dollar for traditional, high-powered luminaires rated for wet locations. The quality of light is just as important as the safety of the fixture. A light source’s ability to accurately represent the color of an object is referred to...

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