Access Fixtures builds premium grade light fixtures offered at factory direct pricing. Most light fixtures come in a choice lamp type and wattage, as well as in standard and custom colors. Light fixtures by Access Fixtures use major USA brand name ballasts and lamps. Most light fixtures are assembled or manufactured in the USA.


New Explosion Proof LED High Bay Lighting for Hazardous Locations Offered by Access Fixtures

WORCESTER, MA, September 16, 2015—Access Fixtures, a leading purveyor of commercial and sports lighting, is now offering explosion proof LED high bay lighting for hazardous locations. The high-output, explosion-proof LED high bay is an excellent, energy-efficient option for industrial facilities, processing plants, oil drilling rigs, and other potentially dangerous locations. “With a price point below $1,000, you can easily meet Class I, Division 2 safety requirements without going over budget,” says Access Fixtures CEO Steven Rothschild. “This explosion-proof LED high bay lighting will improve lighting levels, virtually eliminate maintenance, and significantly reduce energy consumption.” Class 1, Div 2 locations indicate that ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, or liquids will likely be present during abnormal or emergency situations. When dealing with volatile chemicals or open flames, the right equipment can contribute to, or detract from, current safety measures. Traditional fixtures pose the risk of sparking and contain dangerous chemicals such as mercury. They also do not last as long as LED lights. Explosion Proof LED high bay lighting for hazardous locations minimizes risk and reduces cost. The energy efficiency of LEDs will help save money on energy bills. It’s also important to consider the long life of LEDs, rated at 100,000 operating hours, which virtually eliminates maintenance costs. For property managers looking to upgrade their current lighting, such as solvent and cleaning areas, water treatment plants and petrochemical facilities, explosion proof LED high bay lighting is the best choice. Call an Access Fixtures specialist today to learn more. About Access Fixtures Access Fixtures offers commercial and sports lighting for less and features light fixtures with LED, induction, eHID, PS-MH,...


LED Bollards for Assisted Living Facility’s Path and Patio Lighting

Access Fixtures was recently approached by a client seeking to light the pathway and patio outside of an assisted living facility. The customer wanted to make sure the lighting would be energy-efficient and was interested in our selection of LED bollards. However, the fact that they were lighting an assisted living facility raised a concern: Would the bollards be too tall and cause eye-level glare for the residents in wheelchairs? LED Bollards for Path and Patio Lighting Outside Assisted Living Facility in CA   The assisted living facility, located in California, was looking for affordable pathway lighting and patio lighting for the property. They were interested in LED bollards as the most energy-efficient option. A 15w LED bollard uses 87% less energy than an equivalent 100w PSMH bollard light, which makes for a significant savings on the utility bill. LEDs also have a rated operating life of 100,000 hours, virtually eliminating maintenance costs. Though they use significantly fewer watts than traditional fixtures, LED bollards make no sacrifices in lumen output. PSMH fixtures have rapid lumen depreciation, meaning they produce less illumination in exchange for much more wattage. In fact, a common criticism of LED lighting in general is that they can be a little too bright. Concern for Bollard Lights and Eye-Level Glare for Wheelchair Users The brightness of the LED bollards was certainly a concern. The facility proprietors wanted to provide a safe level of lighting for the pathway and patio without blinding any of their disabled residents. They were worried the light from the bollards would shine horizontally outward, directly into the eyes of anyone low enough...


Upgrade Outdated Fixtures with Affordable LED Shuffleboard Court Lighting

Summer is coming to an end, but the games don’t have to! As the days get shorter, now is the time to think about updating those outdated sports lighting fixtures and maximize your time on the court. Access Fixtures’ LS1-certified lighting specialists have been helping customers discover the benefits of LED sports lighting upgrades with reduced pricing on energy-efficient LEDs for basketball courts and tennis courts; Access Fixtures now offers affordable LED shuffleboard court lighting, too. Shuffleboard, an Old-School Pastime Shuffleboard is one of the oldest known sports, with a history so long and vague that no one is really sure where the game originated. It is a relaxing game where players push disks into strategic zones with sticks in order to gain points. The 95w LED shuffleboard court lighting package from Access Fixtures is designed with two twenty-foot poles at each end of the court to provide the optimum level of light for keeping track of the shuffleboard puck. Why You Should Upgrade to Affordable LED Shuffleboard Court Lighting As LED technology advances, the cost of production is decreasing, making LED fixtures more affordable than ever. Affordable LED shuffleboard court lighting from Access Fixtures is more efficient than traditional pulse-start metal halide (PSMH) fixtures. The package includes two 95w high-output LED flood lights with an average output of 140 lumens per watt. Customers who upgrade their outdated shuffleboard court lighting to LED will see long-term savings on their energy bill and will virtually eliminate maintenance costs, given the 100,000-hour operating life of LEDs. Dimming options are also available upon request. High-Quality, Long-Term Savings with LED Affordable LED shuffleboard...

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