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Access Fixtures builds premium grade light fixtures offered at factory direct pricing. Most light fixtures come in a choice lamp type and wattage, as well as in standard and custom colors. Light fixtures by Access Fixtures use major USA brand name ballasts and lamps. Most light fixtures are assembled or manufactured in the USA.


New 36w LED Bollard Lights with TRUE Type 3 Optics—Press Release

WORCESTER, MA, June 23, 2016—Access Fixtures, an industry leader in LED commercial, industrial, and sports lighting, is announcing the introduction of new 36-watt LED bollard lights with TRUE Type 3 optics. Type 3 optics have long been implemented to maximize the...


New Lighting for an 8-Pole LED Basketball Court in California

Access Fixtures was recently contacted by the engineering manager at a publics works department in California. The town’s park had a basketball court lit with eight 250w high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures. When they were first installed, the HPS fixtures provided...


Can I Get LED Luminaires with Light That Looks Like HPS?

Luminaires with LEDs That Look Like HPS While “Can I get LED luminaires with light that looks like high pressure sodium (HPS)” may seem like a bizarre question, it is not. The question came from a customer who needed new low-maintenance, energy-efficient lighting that...

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