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access-fixtures-learningLighting Technology

access-fixtures-learningPoles & Mounting

  • Steel Poles
    Steel poles can be customized to fit any requirement, including withstanding class V hurricane winds.


  • Photometric Analysis
    Learn how lighting lay-outs can help you find the perfect solution for your application.
  • Custom RAL Colors
    Custom coloring options are available using RAL color codes to match any architecture.
  • Bollard Lights
    Everything you need to know about bollards to help you choose the right one.
  • Bollard Spacing
    Learn about the variables that affect bollard spacing. Find the right spacing for your application.
  • Bollard Efficacy Chart
    An overview of the lumen output and efficacy of the different lamp types and reflectors available with our bollard lights.
  • Wall Packs
    Everything you need to know about our wall packs to help you choose the right style.
  • LED Wall Packs
    An overview of how LED technology requires different lenses rather than traditional HID wall packs.
  • Vandal Resistant LED Wall Packs
    An overview of our vandal resistant wall packs.


  • Kelvin Temperature
    Learn what Kelvin temperature is and how to discern what lamp color is right for your application.
  • Watts vs Lumens
    Learn why some fixtures with similar wattages may have higher light outputs.
  • Voltage
    Learn about line voltage and why it is important to know the voltage on site before purchasing fixtures.
  • Foot Candles
    Explore recommended foot candles for various lighting applications.

access-fixtures-learningLighting Rebates

access-fixtures-learningCost Per Watt

  • Cost Per Watt Chart
    What’s a watt worth? Calculate what you are spending per watt used and what you can save by reducing watts.

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