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Why Choose PSMH Luminaires with Multi-Tap Ballasts Over LEDs?

It is Saturday afternoon and we get a call forwarded from the office. On the other end is a customer in North Carolina who has purchased a pulse start metal halide (PSMH) lighting system for his half basketball court. His electrician has just told him that the PSMH...

LED Lighting

What is LED and will it be the right choice for your application?

Induction Lighting

What is induction lighting and is it the right choice for your project?

Fluorescent Lamps

Which type of linear fluorescent lamp should you choose: T12, T10, T8, T5, or T5HO?

Lamp Types

Everything you need to know about different lamp types to help decide which is right for your project.

access-fixtures-learningPoles and Mounting


Bollard Lights Efficacy Chart

An overview of the lumen output and efficacy of the different lamp types and reflectors available with our bollard lights.


Foot Candles

Explore recommended footcandles for various lighting applications.


Learn about line voltage and why it is important to know the voltage on site before purchasing fixtures.

Watts v. Lumens

Learn why some fixtures with similar wattages may have higher light outputs.

access-fixtures-learningLighting Rebates

access-fixtures-learningCost Per Watt

Cost Per Watt Calculator

What’s a watt worth? Calculate what you are spending per watt and what you can save by reducing watts.

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