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Customer Service

At, you can easily specify your needs, and with custom manufacturing capabilities Access Fixtures can build lighting fixtures to your specific performance specifications while keeping the price reasonable. Our product experts have as much as 30 years experience with lighting and we are glad to answer your questions.

Mail: 40 Jackson Street
Worcester, MA 01608

Phone: 800-468-9925

Business Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm EST

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fixture?
A fixture is what holds a light bulb in place and facilitates the flow of electricity to it through wiring.
Do Access Fixtures luminaires come with lamps (light bulbs)?
Our fixtures come with light bulbs unless otherwise specified.
Which Access Fixtures fixtures meet Energy Star standards?
Some of our fixtures are Energy Star compliant. These fixtures are marked with an Energy Star logo on the product pages.
What are LEDs?
Click here for our own takeaway printout about LEDs.