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WORCESTER, MA, May 27, 2016—Access Fixtures, an industry leader in commercial and industrial LED lighting, is announcing the launch of new 2’ and 4’ new high-performance, purpose-built vapor tight linear luminaires with integrated LED arrays and drivers. In all categories, the 4’ vapor tight linear luminaires exceed the performance of two-lamp T12 and T8 vapor tight linear fluorescent fixtures: they are dimmable, offer more lumens per watt, more overall lumens, and—perhaps most importantly—they are available from Access Fixtures at less than $90.00.

LED vapor tight luminaires

Dimensions of the Access Fixtures 2-Foot Linear LED Vapor Proof Luminaire.

“The new 2’ and 4’ LED vapor tight linear luminaires are game-changers,” says Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “While maintaining the same function and form factor as the fluorescent vapor tight linear luminaires, these LED fixtures are now able to exceed the performance of fluorescent technology and achieve superior performance at a better price for our customers.”

The new vapor tight linear luminaires are manufactured with integrated LED arrays and drivers. Compare this design to many older versions that have LED tube lights, known as 2-lamp T8 fixtures. These new 2’ and 4’ linear luminaires offer more overall lumens (2,000 and 4,014, respectively) and more lumens per watt than previous technologies.

Rated LM70 at 50,000 hours, the LED arrays feature Samsung LEDs and provide a CRI of 80+, which makes for high-quality light with superior efficacy. Because the LEDs are integrated into the fixture and not in tubes, there is no risk of lamp breakage or the release of Mercury into the workplace. These LED vapor tight linear fixtures are IP65 rated, ETL listed, and DLC qualified for many rebates.

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