Have you ever needed 400w metal halide LED replacement? One of our recent customers has. A customer contacted us for advice on how to use LED high bays to replace 400w metal halide high bays in a 100′ x 200′ shipping warehouse. The customer’s current lighting was old and many of the fixtures didn’t work. The customer had contacted us to purchase new lighting that would be more efficient than their previous fixtures. Access Fixtures was able to step in, provide photometric data, and provide the customer with new LED fixtures at a lower cost and higher efficiency level than before. Read on to find out how we did it!


Problems With 400w Metal Halides


The customer had numerous problems with his current 400w metal halide fixtures.

One of the biggest problems was constant ballast failure. Each time a ballast failure occurred, the customer would have to call an electrician to fix it. With 25′ ceilings in the warehouse, this quickly became time consuming and expensive.

Another major issue was lack of efficiency and cost to run the fixtures. These lights used a lot of electricity at a whopping 460 system watts per luminaire. What also increased efficiency was the short timeframe in which the metal halides would depreciate, or become less bright.

The last major problem that the customer was concerned about was the risk of nonpassive failure. Nonpassive failure is a spontaneous explosion  that can happen to metal halide lamps. This rains hot glass on everything in the vicinity and the risk of this happening was just too large for the customer to take.


A Better Solution – HIIOs for 400w Metal Halide LED Replacement


One of the customer’s main concerns was the lack of efficiency of their current lighting. 400w metal halide lamps emit about 36,000 initial lumens and 24,000 mean (average) lumens. As stated previously, our customer’s current 400 watt metal halide system uses about 460 system watts per luminaire, which uses a lot of power!

Access Fixtures lighting specialists determined that the lowest cost, most high performance luminaire that would fit this customer’s application is the HIIO 240.

It boasts an IP65 rating which means it is suitable for warehouses.  An IP65 rating means that the fixture is protected against multi-directional, low-pressure water jets. In other words, customers have the ability to hose them off or blast off dust with an air compressor if need be.

HIIO, being LED, does not suffer from the risk of nonpassive failure. No raining shards of glass to worry about!

HIIO is also brighter and has better color rendering than a traditional metal halide fixture. The HIIO 240 has a beam spread of 120 degrees which distributes light in a more balanced pattern. 

In contrast to traditional metal halide fixtures, the HIIO 240 can handle endless on and off cycles. Metal halides take time to heat up before they reach full brightness and their ballasts are damaged by turning them on and off too many times. LED drivers are digital rather than combustion-based, so they can handle being turned on and off without any damage.

Most importantly, the HIIO 400w metal halide replacement fixtures are more efficient.


400w Metal Halide LED Replacement Efficiency Benefits

Let’s do a breakdown, shall we?


Energy use dropped by 50% 

  • The current 400 watt MH system used 460 system watts per luminaire
  • HIIO 240s use 233.9 watts
  • HIIO 240 reduces wattage by 226 watts per luminaire 
  • Energy use will drop by about 50% 
  • HIIO 240s will reduce the system wattage from 11,040 watts to 5,616 watts 
  • Being able to turn the light off and on will provide an additional reduction in energy use


Light emitted increased by 20% to 78% assuming the old lighting was functional

  • 400w Metal Halide lamps emit about 36,000 initial lumens and 24,000 mean (average) lumens
  • Luminaire efficacy for the old high bays is estimated to be 80%
  • 400w MH luminaires emit 28,880 initial luminaire lumens 
  • 400w MH luminaires emit 19,200 mean luminaire lumens
  • HIIO 240s emit 34,645 luminaire lumens which is 20% more light than new 400w MH high bays 
  • HIIO 240s emit 34,645 luminaire lumens, 78% more light than the 400w MH high bay average 

In order to run this photometric, we used 16 HIIO 240s in 2 rows of 8 on the ceiling. You can download the complete photometric analysis in the link to the right. The overall result was a happier customer with more efficient lighting that will save them money in the long run.


Need A Photometric Analysis?


Are you interested in replacing old metal halide high bays with new LED models? Are you looking for a 400w metal halide LED replacement? Are you unsure of how many to purchase and what fixture would be an appropriate one-to-one replacement? We suggest ordering a photometric analysis. A photometric analysis is a computerized simulation of the area that needs to be lit, run with fixtures that Access Fixtures manufactures and sells. This simulation is then delivered to you as a report that can help you choose lighting for your next project. For general questions, call 800-468-9925 or email customerservice@accessfixtures.com.