Canopy LED Lights

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  • 20w 30w linear fixture

    EPTA 30 Linear LED Fixture 120-277v, Extreme Life


  • Square Canopy Light 120-277v

    SARC 20w LED 14″ Square Canopy Light with Grid, 120-277v


  • Square Canopy Light 120-277v

    SARC 20w LED 12″ Square Canopy Light, Extreme Life, 120-277v


  • 54w LED canopy light

    CEEL 54w LED Canopy Light, 120-277v, Extreme Life


  • 80w surface mount fixture

    APTA-C 80 Surface Mount Light, 120-277v, Extreme Life


  • PIRU amber turtle friendly fixture

    PIRU 27w FWC Certified 590nm LED Ceiling Fixture, 120-277v


  • arto amber canopy light

    ARTO 57w 590nm Amber LED Garage Lighter, 120-277v – EXTREME LIFE


  • apta C 80 no uv

    APTA 80 No UV – No Light Below 450nm Surface Mount Light, 120-277v


  • apta 590nm 80w

    APTA-C 80 590nm Amber Surface Mount Light, 120-277v