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High Performance Lighting Solutions doesn’t just mean “a bunch of lights.” Lighting facilitates our ability to pursue our passions. Be it working on a motorcycle in a garage, playing college football in front of 5,000 screaming fans, producing a leading edge product that requires a no-UV light environment, or protecting sea turtles using 590nm light and having enough light for safe pedestrian egress, lighting makes it all happen.

Access Fixtures’ lighting specialists pursue lighting excellence every day. High Performance Lighting Solutions isn’t just a slogan. It is a way of life making sure that each and every client finds their high performance lighting solution so they can pursue their passion.

Access Fixtures features production and built-to-order lighting designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements. With custom manufacturing capabilities, Access Fixtures builds durable, long-life LED luminaires for general lighting applications and specialty markets including transportation, freight terminals, sports fields and arenas, clean rooms, power plants, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

Access Fixtures – Lighting Specialists and Lighting Engineers

Access Fixtures lighting specialists and lighting engineers have years of lighting experience and are ready to work with you to meet all of your lighting requirements. Speak with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist and determine your high performance lighting solution. Have an Access Fixtures lighting engineer perform a photometric study to model the performance of the lighting before it is installed. Why risk making a costly error when you can determine exactly what you need by working with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist. Get your lighting correct the first time, so you can focus on what the lighting is supposed to illuminate.

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Access Fixtures is a privately held company. Employees are committed to their company, as they share 20% of the company profits. This ensures commitment to lighting excellence and customer satisfaction.

Access Fixtures – Location

Access Fixtures is committed to the local community too. Located in the Ivy Corset Building on Jackson Street in the Junction Shops District of Main South Worcester, Access Fixtures has become a mainstay of the neighborhood through the years. The building was originally built for Mary Gertrude Heintzelman Gifford Bowne, the founder and CEO of Corset H.  Corset H, which manufactured and sold corsets under the trade name, Ivy Corset Company, was unique having a female owner and CEO. About 100 years later, Access Fixtures restored Mary Bowne’s office in the building named after her company, the Ivy Corset Building. Access Fixtures even restored the fireplace to heat the office, albeit updated with natural gas.

Read About the POW! WOW! Worcester Art by Adam Fu and Illuminated by Access Fixtures at the Ivy Corset Building 

Access Fixtures – Passion

Access Fixtures lighting specialists are working to light your passion and future. Contact a lighting specialist at 800.468.9925, fill out the form, or via email us, [email protected].

STAM Sports light soccer field
Access Fixtures Dome Top Bollard Lights  with Aluminum Cone Reflectors Illuminate the Emergency Egress for the Light Rail System at  Orlando International Airport
Ivy Corset Building Mural Closeup