WORCESTER, MA, July 9th, 2024 — Access Fixtures, a leading provider of high-performance LED lighting solutions, is excited to present the differences and applications of LED Non UV Lights versus Lights With No UV Light Below 450nm. These advanced lighting solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of various industries, offering superior illumination while prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Non UV LED Lights

Non UV LED lights are ideal for environments where the absence of ultraviolet (UV) light is essential, such as hospitals, art museums, and consumer therapy lights. These lights emit very little UV light and may have additional filtering to enhance their non-UV properties. The broad spectrum light emitted by these LEDs is nearly indistinguishable from standard LED lights to the naked eye, but it provides critical benefits in specific applications.

Applications for Non UV LED Lights

  • Healthcare Environments: Used in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories to protect sensitive equipment, materials, and patients from harmful UV radiation.
  • Art Museums: Protect delicate artworks and exhibits from fading or degradation caused by UV exposure while providing high-quality illumination.
  • Consumer Therapy: Utilized in light therapy lamps for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and other mood-related conditions by mimicking natural sunlight without harmful UV light.

No UV Lights With No Light Below 450nm

No UV LED lights are designed to emit no light below 450nm, making them crucial for scientific and manufacturing processes where UV exposure can cause significant issues. These lights are essential in environments like semiconductor manufacturing, drug fabrication, and scientific research, where precise light control is necessary to prevent material degradation and ensure process integrity.

Applications for No UV Lights With No Light Below 450nm

  • Scientific Research and Testing: Provides precise control over light wavelengths, essential for experiments in biology, chemistry, and photobiology.
  • Photolithography and Semiconductor Manufacturing: Essential for the semiconductor industry, No UV lights with no light below 450nm are critical for the photolithography process. These lights ensure accurate patterning on semiconductor substrates, which is crucial for high-quality microchip production. With increased chip research and production investments, reliable No UV lighting solutions are more important than ever.
  • Drug Fabrication: Prevents photochemical reactions in drugs, ensuring their potency and safety throughout manufacturing.

Key Features of Access Fixtures’ No UV LED Lighting

  • Superior Work Environment: Broad-spectrum No UV light creates a safe and comfortable work environment with enhanced visibility and flicker-free operation.
  • Eliminates Risk of Contamination: No gold tubes or filters reduce maintenance costs and prevent product degradation. Optional mercury and glass-free designs minimize environmental impact.
  • Meets Next-Generation Standards: Compatible with most lighting controls, reducing maintenance and downtime while ensuring longevity.
  • Versatile Form Factors: Available in flush mount, linear, high bay, and troffers & panel lights to suit diverse applications and environments.

“At Access Fixtures, we push the limits of innovation. Our No UV LED Lights exemplify this, delivering unmatched performance and setting new lighting standards,” says Steven Rothschild, CEO of Access Fixtures.

Advanced No UV LED Technology

Access Fixtures’ No UV LED lights offer four spectrum options: 590nm Amber, 590nm Amber-Green, 590nm Amber-Red, and 590nm Amber-Green-Red. Lens choices include clear glass, clear polycarbonate, and frosted polycarbonate. These fixtures are L70 rated up to 200,000 hours, ensuring lasting reliability and precise color rendering with CRI options of Ra>70, Ra>80, or Ra>90. They feature 10KA surge protection, over fifteen optics options, and 0-10v dimming control. Operating within -40°C to 50°C, they come with a standard 5-year warranty or an optional 10-year upgrade.

About Access Fixtures

Access Fixtures is a leading provider of high-performance lighting solutions, committed to delivering cutting-edge products that redefine industry standards. Focusing on innovation, quality, and sustainability, we strive to illuminate the world with brilliance and purpose. For more information, visit Access Fixtures at www.AccessFixtures.com.

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