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Access Fixtures Meets Nigel the Ex-Greyhound Racing Dog

Every year, Access Fixtures travels around the country to stay on top of current lighting trends. In our travels, we learn about exciting new opportunities and technologies while also making many new friends along the way. Recently, Access Fixtures CEO Steven Rothschild attended a Lighting Enabled Systems and Applications (LESA) conference at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, to see innovative solutions and breaking research about LED lighting. In preparation for the two-day event, Steve booked a room near the conference and headed out to New York.

Gardner Farm Inn Mascot

The check-in experience at Gardner Farm Inn in Troy, New York, was a little different than he expected. Steve was met at the door by a graceful spirit with an infectious smile. This smile and spirit belonged to a gracious greyhound named Nigel, alert and ready to greet guests and help in any way she could. While it was clear that Nigel was the perfect fit for this welcoming-committee job, Steve soon learned Nigel’s first career was a little more fast-paced. Nigel was actually born to be a racing dog and for the first few years of her life, she was trained for competition. Though somewhat short, Nigel’s racing career was, let’s just say, sweet.

Nigel’s career consisted of just four races. When we first heard this, it seemed like a pretty abysmal track record, but we quickly learned that it really depends on how you look at it. Out of Nigel’s four races, two began—and ended—with Nigel still at the starting gate. Apparently, she just wasn’t feeling up to racing! The other two races were a lot different. As Nigel waited in her stall, seconds before the start of the race, her mind had been focused, her breath steadied, and her eyes laid firmly on the prize. Nigel made a magnificent start and she shot out of the starting gate with one goal in mind.

Unfortunately, that one goal did not even include the finish line. Nigel seemed unmotivated by ribbons or trophies, preferring instead to, well, improvise. Racing for the title was a thrilling pursuit for the other athletes, but Nigel found playing to be much more fun. After she opted to play for two entire races, Nigel had little choice but to retire.

Nigel was taken in by a greyhound rescue group, through which she was adopted and brought to live in the Gardner Farm Inn. In her new home, Nigel began a successful career of greeting guests. In her limited free time, Nigel now sprints through nearby fields (with no intimidating finish line in sight). Nigel’s new life is full of happiness—for her and for the many guests she welcomes at the Gardner Farm Inn. It goes without saying that from the very beginning, Nigel was destined for life in the fast lane . . . just not that fast lane!

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