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Aluminum Light Poles in a Parking Lot

Aluminum Light Poles for LED Lighting

Aluminum light poles are an industry standard and have become the preferred choice in various lighting applications due to their superior attributes and performance. Renowned for their robustness, these poles combine high tensile strength with a notably lightweight, making them easier to transport and install than other materials like steel. A key advantage of aluminum is its exceptional corrosion resistance, which allows these poles to withstand harsh environmental conditions without deteriorating, thus extending their functional lifespan to 50 years or more. This longevity can vary depending on climate and exposure to corrosive elements. Moreover, aluminum is an environmentally friendly option as it is 100% recyclable, ensuring that these poles can be repurposed at the end of their lifecycle. This blend of durability, reliability, and sustainability makes aluminum light poles an optimal solution for enhancing the infrastructure of various facilities, from urban streetscapes to expansive sports complexes.

Key Takeaways

    • Durability and Resistance: Aluminum light poles are highly durable and offer superior resistance to corrosion, which makes them ideal for harsh environments such as coastal areas where salty air can accelerate deterioration. Their construction allows them to handle extreme conditions, including high winds, and they have a functional lifespan of over 50 years.
    • Lightweight and Cost-Effective: These poles are approximately 33% lighter than their steel counterparts, which simplifies transportation and installation. The reduced weight can lead to significant cost savings in terms of logistics and labor, making aluminum poles a more economical option over time.
    • Aesthetic and Functional Versatility: Aluminum light poles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, which makes them adaptable to nearly any design specification. Whether for urban streetscapes, commercial areas, or sports complexes, their aesthetic versatility and multiple mounting options support diverse design and functional requirements. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly as they are 100% recyclable, enhancing their appeal for sustainable projects.

Aluminum Light Pole Features

High Strength: Aluminum light poles are engineered to handle severe conditions, including hurricane winds exceeding 150 mph. Their robust construction makes them a reliable choice for areas prone to extreme weather.

Lightweight: Aluminum poles are about 33% lighter than their steel counterparts, simplifying transportation and installation processes. This weight reduction can lead to significant cost savings in logistics and labor.

Corrosion Resistance: Unlike steel, aluminum does not rust. Its superior resistance to corrosion makes aluminum poles ideal for harsh environments, including coastal areas where salty air can accelerate deterioration.

Aesthetic Versatility: Aluminum light poles are available in various shapes and colors, accommodating nearly any design specification and blending seamlessly into the chosen environment.

Different Types of Aluminum Light Poles

Aluminum light poles are a versatile and durable choice for lighting installations in various settings, offering numerous shapes, sizes, and color options to meet specific design and functional requirements. These poles are crafted to accommodate the diverse needs of urban landscapes, commercial areas, and residential locales.

Round Aluminum Light Poles

Access Fixtures offers commercial-grade round aluminum light poles that balance strength and aesthetic appeal.

  • Dimensions: Available in 4-inch diameters from 8 to 20 feet tall, and 5-inch diameters from 16 to 25 feet tall.
  • Features: These poles have multiple mounting options for LED light fixtures, ensuring design versatility.
  • Customization: You can choose from standard colors or request custom shades to match your project’s palette. Quick-ship options are also available for expedited delivery needs.

For further details or to download the spec sheet, click the provided links or contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist.

Round Aluminum Light Poles Spec Sheet

 Tapered Aluminum Light Poles

Similar to round poles but with an elegant taper that increases with height, these poles are designed to offer both functionality and a heightened aesthetic touch.

  • Height Range: These poles are available from 18 feet to 30 feet.
  • Adaptability: With multiple base sizes and mounting options, these poles suit various LED lighting setups.
  • Color Options: Choose from a wide range of standard and custom colors to perfectly align with your design requirements.

Tapered Aluminum Light Pole Spec Sheet

 Contemporary Round Aluminum Light Poles

Designed to complement modern architectural elements, these poles feature a unique contemporary cast aluminum base.

  • Height Options: Available from 10 feet to 18 feet tall.
  • Mounting Flexibility: Offers multiple mounting options for LED light fixtures, making them adaptable to different lighting needs.
  • Color Selection: Available in many standard colors, with the option for custom RAL colors to meet precise design specifications.

Contemporary Round Aluminum Light Pole Spec Sheet

Base Hinged Aluminum Light Poles

These innovative poles feature a hinge at the base, allowing them to be easily lowered for maintenance or installation, simplifying the handling process significantly.

  • Available Heights: From 8 feet to 20 feet tall.
  • Mounting and Color Options: Comes with multiple mounting choices for LED lights and a variety of color options, including custom hues.
  • Alternative Options: Consider mid-hinged galvanized steel light poles for similar functionality with a different material aesthetic.

Base-Hinged Aluminum Light Poles Spec Sheet

Square Aluminum Light Poles

Square poles are specifically manufactured to cater to more modern applications, from parking lots to sports venues, offering a fresh twist on traditional lighting solutions.

  • Size Range: These poles are available in 4 inches from 8 feet to 20 feet, 5 inches from 18 feet to 25 feet, and 6 inches from 20 feet to 35 feet tall.
  • Safety and Durability: Designed with soft corners for added safety and multiple mounting options to accommodate various lighting designs.
  • Quick Ship: Available for immediate delivery, these poles also feature a range of color choices.

Square Aluminum Light Poles Spec Sheet

Decorative – Fluted Aluminum Light Poles

These poles are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to upscale areas, featuring classic fluting and optional decorative cast aluminum bases.

  • Design Options: Bolt-down versions are available from 8 feet to 18 feet tall, with a direct burial option extending up to 22 feet.
  • Mounting Versatility: Suitable for single and double post-top installations with multiple full-cutoff LED post-top luminaires available.
  • Color Choices: Extensive selection of standard and custom RAL colors to seamlessly integrate into any environment.

VILA Post Top Luminaires and Poles – Fluted Aluminum Light Pole Specifications

Fluted Aluminum Light Pole Specifications

For more information on any of these products or to discuss your lighting project with a specialist, please contact Access Fixtures directly. This comprehensive range of aluminum light poles ensures that no matter the scope or style of your project, there is an option available to meet every need and exceed expectations.

Fluted Aluminum Light Poles

Round Fluted Aluminum Pole


Aluminum lighting poles represent a superior choice for modern lighting needs across diverse environments. Their robustness, lightweight nature, and exceptional corrosion resistance make them not only practical but also cost-effective and durable, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and corrosive environments. The aesthetic versatility and wide range of types and customization options further enhance their appeal, allowing them to integrate seamlessly into any architectural style or landscape. Whether for urban streets, commercial settings, or residential areas, aluminum light poles offer a blend of strength, sustainability, and style that is unmatched. With their 100% recyclability, these poles also contribute to environmental sustainability, making them a responsible choice for today’s eco-conscious world. For anyone considering a reliable, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution, aluminum light poles stand out as the optimal choice, promising to meet and exceed the demands of any project. Click here to learn about Fiberglass Light Poles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aluminum Light Poles

What are the main benefits of using aluminum light poles? Aluminum light poles offer several advantages including high strength, lightweight nature, and exceptional corrosion resistance. This combination makes them easier to transport and install, reduces long-term maintenance costs, and extends their lifespan, often beyond 50 years.

How do aluminum light poles perform in extreme weather conditions? Engineered to withstand severe conditions, aluminum light poles can endure hurricane winds exceeding 150 mph. Their robust construction makes them a reliable choice in areas prone to intense weather events.

Why are aluminum light poles considered environmentally friendly? Aluminum is 100% recyclable, meaning that the poles can be fully repurposed at the end of their lifecycle. This sustainability aspect helps reduce the environmental impact of the materials used in infrastructure projects.

Can aluminum light poles be customized? Yes, aluminum light poles are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes to meet specific design and functional requirements. Options include different mounting capabilities, heights, and colors, including custom hues to match any project’s aesthetic.

What types of aluminum light poles are available? There are several types, including round, tapered, contemporary round, base-hinged, square, and decorative fluted aluminum light poles, each designed to cater to specific aesthetic and functional needs in various environments.

What makes base-hinged aluminum light poles unique? Base-hinged aluminum light poles feature a hinge at the base that allows them to be lowered to the ground easily for maintenance or installation. This design significantly simplifies the handling process, making it safer and more efficient.

Are there quick-ship options available for aluminum light poles? Yes, quick-ship options are available for certain models of aluminum light poles, ensuring faster delivery for projects with tight schedules.

How do I select the right aluminum light pole for my project? Consider the specific needs of your project, including the environmental conditions, the required pole height and strength, aesthetic preferences, and the type of lighting fixtures you plan to use. Consulting with a lighting specialist can provide tailored recommendations.

What are the safety features of square aluminum light poles? Square aluminum light poles are designed with soft corners to enhance safety, making them ideal for environments where public interaction is frequent, such as parking lots and sports venues.

How can I learn more about specific aluminum light pole models? For detailed information about different models, including their specifications and customization options, you can download spec sheets from manufacturer websites or contact lighting specialists directly. This approach ensures you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision for your lighting needs.

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