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High-Heat LED Lights with Remote Drivers - EXTREME-LIFE Rated L70 @ 100,000 hours at 100°C/212°F, IP66 wet location, IK10 impact resistance, 10KV surge protection, 3G vibration, field repairable.

Which LED light stands out, topping the list as one of the Best Heat-Resistant LED Lights, and what makes it a unique and intelligent choice? This distinction is earned through the meticulous design and manufacturing of the product, showcasing excellence within its category. Let’s explore the reasons why this specific LED light is regarded as the top choice.

Best Engineered Heat-Resistant LED Lights

Heat-resistant LED lights, like the HAWT LED fixtures, are engineered for high-heat environments such as steel mills. Rated as EXTREME-LIFE, they offer L70 @ 100,000 hours at 80°C/176°F with an attached LED driver or 100°C/212°F with a remote driver. These industrial-grade fixtures are IP66 rated for wet locations, IK10 impact resistant, and 3G or 5G for vibration. Featuring custom optics for effectively distributed light on the required surface in large workspaces, and additional customizable options, the HAWT LED lights are the Best Heat-Resistant LED Lights for harsh conditions. They ensure maintenance-free, worry-free performance, and are ideal for various industrial applications, including manufacturing, water facilities, mining, power generation, and oil installations.

EXTREME-LIFE: L70 @ 100,000 hours at 80°C/176°F with attached LED driver and 100°C/212°F with a remote LED driver.

Industrial Strength: Field repairable and rated IP66 for wet location, IK10 impact resistance, and 3G or 5G for vibration.

Custom Optics: Photometric design service and 15 different optics available to get the light on the work surface where it is needed.

Best Heat-Resistant LED lights to illuminate facilities with tough conditions, ensuring safety, productivity, and cost savings.

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