Best LED Canopy Lights for 2024

Let’s get straight to the point. What LED canopy lights are noteworthy for 2024, and what distinguishes each one? This list is presented without any ranking, as each canopy light excels in a specific segment. The emphasis is on understanding the reasons behind their recognition as the best in 2024.

Best Field Configurable LED Canopy Light

CANO LED canopy lights offer versatility with three models featuring four field-configurable wattages. They allow adjustment of lumens emitted for site-specific requirements. The lights also feature field-configurable Kelvin for on-site customization or future adjustments. The fixtures have a polycarbonate diffuser lens for glare-free light distribution. Constructed with a lightweight die-cast aluminum housing and bronze powder coat finish, CANO  has a CRI of 70+ and supports 0-10v dimming. Ranging from 14w to 83w, these fixtures are L70 rated at over 50,000 hours and can be surface-mounted on any ceiling.

Selectable Kelvin: Get the exact Kelvin you want at the site with the flick of a switch. Options range from 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K.

Selectable Wattage: Get the exact amount of light required with CANO with 14-26-38-43 watts, CANO with 18-35-52-60 watts, or CANO with 26-49-73-83 watts.

Anti-Glare Lens: Featuring all the benefits of LED lighting and a high-performance shatterproof polycarbonate diffuser lens.

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CANO LED Canopy light with selectable wattage and selectable Kelvin

Best New Modern Design Canopy Light

Distinguished by a modern design, CANA boasts a white powder coat finish, emitting cool white light at 4000K. The chromate conversion powder coating enhances corrosion resistance, ensuring resilience against harsh weather conditions. featuring selectable wattage and 0-10v dimming for versatile illumination control.

Selectable Wattage: Get the exact amount of light desired with a smart controller switch. Options range from 20 watts, 37 watts, 53 watts, or 71 watts.

Quick Mount Installation: swift installation with a quick-mount design, fitting seamlessly onto square or octagonal 4” surfaces or recessed J-boxes.

Durable and Waterproof:  Featuring heavy die-cast aluminum housing, these fixtures are rated for wet locations.

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CANA LED Canopy Lighting with Selectable Wattage

Best Most Customizable Canopy Light

OCTA, a robust LED canopy light, excels with advanced optics, efficient heat management, and a patented spill light control system for anti-glare illumination. With 590nm amber LEDs, OCTAs cater to wildlife-friendly lighting, especially for turtles. OCTA provides options for housing color, Kelvin temperature, 0-10v dimming, voltage selection, and bird spikes. Additional options include optics customization, vandal-resistant screws for added security, power cord length adjustment, and an Emergency Power Supply for uninterrupted operation during power outages. Also, the choice of a Safety Cable for additional safety, a Microwave Motion Sensor for energy savings, and a photocell for automated on/off functions are available. Accessories like backlight shields and full LED shields for enhanced light control are optional.

EXTREME-LIFE: Exceptional heat sink design produces an EXTREME-LIFE rating of L70 @ 200,000 hours for years of virtually maintenance-free performance.

Flawless Light:  Choice of advanced optics, Kelvin, and color rendering of up to Ra>90 facilitates premium anti-glare illumination.

Maximum Wattage and LPW: From 10 watts and up to 960 watts per canopy light fixture and lumens per watt of up to 160, OCTA can provide over 150,000 lumens from a single canopy light.

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