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. . . Yes, if you want a 50w forward throw LED wall pack with premium Samsung LED chips, a UL wet listed die-cast aluminum housing, a borosilicate glass lens, all stainless steel hardware, and a built-in photocell for no extra cost.


Access Fixtures new, commercial-grade 50w LED ZIBO Traditional Forward Throw Wall Pack 120v-277v wall pack emits, simple enough, a lot of light for very few dollars. Featuring LED arrays with premium SamsungĀ® 3030 SMD LED chips; an LED driver that works between 120v and 277v; a UL-rated, wet-listed, die-cast aluminum housing finished with a commercial-grade DUPONTĀ® powder coat finish; anti-glare prismatic borosilicate glass; stainless steel hardware; and a built-in photocell and blackout cap, this might very well be the best LED wall pack available.

The Best LED Wall Pack – ApplicationBest-LED-Wall-Pack-Now

The 50w LED ZIBO forward throw wall pack is designed for illuminating building facades, perimeter lighting, parking areas, and anywhere that efficient, long-lasting light is required. When mounted at heights of 12 to 18 feet, the 50w LED ZIBO forward throw wall pack can be spaced at approximately double the mounting height to provide effective lighting. For instance, at 14 feet high, the 50-watt LED forward throw wall pack can be spaced every 28 feet. Photometric studies are available for your property at a minimal charge.

The Best LED Wall Pack – Efficiency

The 50w LED ZIBO forward throw wall pack is likely the most efficient forward throw wall pack in its price range. The 50 watt LED wall pack employs a 45-watt LED array and a driver that uses 5 watts, for a total system usage of 50 watts. The wall pack emits 4,837 luminaire lumens, which represents the total emitted light. Using this figure, the 50w LED ZIBO forward throw wall pack generates 97 lumens per watt. That is super performance.

The LEDs used in the arrays are rated at 84 CRI. That means the chips produce 84% color rendering accuracy, which is quite high. 84% color accuracy greatly enhances visibility and the appearance of the property being illuminated. This really might be the best LED wall pack available.Kelvin-Chart-for-Lighting

The Best LED Wall Pack – Price

To keep the price as low as possible, there are very few options available for the 50w LED ZIBO forward throw wall pack. It is built as it would typically sell. A photocell and blackout cap comes standard with every ZIBO LED wall pack, making it easy and affordable to take advantage of photocell technology. There is only one Kelvin available, 4000K. 4000K is known as cool white and is a nice balance between warm white and bright white. There is only one color for the housing, architectural bronze. Architectural bronze is a dark bronze shade that works with most everything. Also, this wall pack is warranted for five years. So, what is the price? The 50w LED ZIBO forward throw wall pack is only $129.99. In quantities greater than eleven, they will even ship freight free. YES!

The Best LED Wall Pack – Ordering

What are you waiting for? Either call an Access Fixtures lighting specialist to place your order at (800) 468-9925 or order online. You can view and order the 50w LED ZIBO forward throw wall pack by clicking here.