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Bocce Court Lighting

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Bocce Ball Court Lighting


The game of bocce ball is very old. There is evidence that a bocce-like sport involving rolling rocks towards a target was even played by ancient Egyptians. The formal game known as bocce, or bocci, was subsequently developed in Italy and spread across the globe, becoming a popular game in many Western countries today. Bocce matches sometimes take place at night, and Access Fixtures has developed lighting packages for any level of competition.


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 Why Light a Bocce Court?

The actual bocce court is a long rectangle filled with a non-bounce surface such as crushed oyster shell, clay, or gravel. Bocce courts are generally constructed in one  three rectangle sizes. For competition-level bocce, courts are 13′ x 90′. A typical country or recreational club bocce ball court will be 13′ x 76′, and a backyard bocce court will generally be between 10′-12′ wide and 12′-70′ long.  A sizing comparison chart is available to the right of the text. There are obviously exceptions to these dimensions and Access Fixtures can also accommodate any unusual sizes as well. 

Price and power are two main factors when deciding which lighting package to purchase. All of Access Fixtures’ bocce ball courts maintain at least 11 footcandles evenly throughout any court and utilize only the finest modular sports luminaires. Whether you’re a country club manager with outdoor club-level bocce ball courts or a homeowner with a simple backyard bocce court setup, Access Fixtures has a bocce ball court lighting package for your application.


Custom Pole Solutions

One of the more convenient aspects of Access Fixtures’ bocce court lighting packages is the variance of pole options. Since each luminaire must be mounted on a sturdy pole at a certain height, pole material and cost are very important factors. 

Access Fixtures has introduced two DIY pole packages for bocce courts which are much more cost-effective than traditional steel poles and simple to assemble. DIY poles are weatherproof and easily installed through direct burial, with no visible anchor bolts or unsightly equipment. The advantage of wooden poles is that they are extremely affordable and designed with the homeowner with a backyard bocce court in mind. 

Access Fixtures’ other bocce ball court lighting packages come with traditional steel poles. Steel is perfect for country clubs, competition-level bocce courts, and other professional applications. The steel poles included in bocce packages are sturdy 11-gauge square poles finished in architectural bronze. Depending on the package that you select, poles may be either 16′ or 20′ high. These packages mount one fixture via a 2 ⅜” vertical tenon to a slip fitter mount, which is included with the general hardware when you order.


Energy-Saving LED Technology

All Access Fixtures bocce ball lighting packages include at least two APTA sports lighters. The lower footcandle options include APTA 120s, and the higher footcandle options and the two-court package include APTA 280s. APTA is a top-of-the-line fixture built with a modular design that guarantees easy replacement if needed. L70 rated at over 200,000 hours, APTA fixtures will outlast other sports lighters with ease. An IP67 rating guarantees that your APTA fixtures will be unaffected by wind, dust, or even torrential downpours. 


Other Options For Your Bocce Court


Access Fixtures’ bocce court lighting packages also include several options that make for a fully custom lighting experience. These options include a choice of color rendering index, choice of color temperature, optional photocell, optional 0-10v dimming setup, optional surge protector, optional backlight shield to prevent light trespass, and even optional bird spikes. 


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Curious what Access Fixtures can do for your bocce ball court? We are here to help. If you have any questions regarding your bocce ball court lighting project or would just like to talk to a human, call us at 800-468-9925 or email [email protected]. We are available to answer bocce court lighting questions or assist you with any commercial, industrial, or sports lighting project you may have.