In the commercial lighting industry, LED outdoor bollard lights are celebrated for their sophisticated design and exceptional durability. Access Fixtures is at the forefront, employing advanced construction techniques to ensure their lights can endure harsh environmental conditions. Made to withstand exposure to all weather conditions, Access Fixtures’ LED bollard lights prioritize durability at every level. Crafted from durable cast aluminum and extruded aluminum, these sleek and sturdy housings are CSA-certified for wet locations, ensuring they meet high standards of quality and resilience. This article examines the meticulous construction process of these commercial LED fixtures, focusing on the high-quality materials, strategic design choices, and protective finishes that contribute to their longevity and effectiveness.

Key Takeaways

    • Durability and Design: Access Fixtures’ LED bollard lights are crafted from cast aluminum for strength and corrosion resistance, incorporating vandal-resistant features to withstand harsh conditions and ensure longevity.

    • Protective Finishes: These lights are treated with a chromate conversion coating and a powder coating to provide a durable barrier against environmental elements, enhancing both their longevity and aesthetic appeal.

    • Technical and Aesthetic Balance: The construction of these bollard lights exemplifies a successful blend of robust materials and appealing design, making them a reliable and attractive choice for commercial outdoor lighting needs.

Understanding Bollard Lighting

Bollard lights are outdoor lighting fixtures that provide LED pathway lighting/path light, and landscape lighting and are used for lighting architectural features, and lighting commercial spaces. Their design is specifically geared toward maximizing durability and resisting environmental challenges such as moisture, and dust, withstanding temperature variations, and potential vandalism. Click here for more insights on Bollard Lights.

Commercial Outdoor LED Bollard Light Construction

Cast Aluminum Construction

The primary material used in the construction of Access Fixtures’ LED bollards is cast aluminum. Known for its strength and resistance to corrosion, cast aluminum is ideal for protecting the internal components of the light, including LED modules and electrical connections. The light heads, typically the most vulnerable part of the fixture, are secured with vandal-resistant screws, which are strategically placed on the sides to avoid water accumulation and subsequent corrosion.

Vandal-Resistant Features

In addition to using hardy materials, Access Fixtures enhances the security of its bollard lights with design choices that deter tampering. The placement of vandal-resistant screws and protective outer lenses ensures that the fixtures remain intact and functional even in public or high-traffic areas.

Manufactured from cast aluminum, Access Fixtures bollard light heads are built to last. The cast aluminum is hard, sturdy, and able to protect the light source. It also secures the gaskets, vandal-resistant outer lens, and other components of the bollard. The head of the bollard lights is affixed to the body of the bollard light using vandal-resistant screws. The holes for the vandal­-resistant screws are located on the sides as opposed to the top. This design prevents water from pooling in and penetrating the bollard lighting fixture. It also prevents the vandal-resistant screws from corroding.

Cast aluminum exterior bollard lights base protected with a chromate conversion coating and powder coat finish

Cast aluminum exterior bollard lights base protected with a chromate conversion coating and powder coat finish

Outdoor Bollard Light Mounting Bases

Bollard light mounting bases from Access Fixtures also use cast aluminum. This material is strong and enables a mounting base to be firmly bolted with mounting bolts that are sunk in cement. The cast aluminum we use can retain a high degree of durability. Bollard lights from Access Fixtures feature a series of rubber gasket rings, which further protect the units from water and dust ingress.

Protective Finish on LED Bollards

Chromate Conversion Coating

To combat the challenges posed by exposure to the elements, all outdoor bollard lights from Access Fixtures undergo a chromate conversion coating process. This treatment effectively passivates the aluminum, providing a crucial barrier against corrosion.

Powder Coating

Following the chromate conversion, a powder coating is applied. This method uses a dry, free-flowing powder instead of traditional liquid paint, which allows for a thicker, more even coating without the risk of running or sagging. This finish not only enhances the durability of the bollard lights but also offers a range of aesthetic options through various color choices.

All Access Fixtures’ exterior bollard lights are treated with a chromate conversion coating to prevent corrosion. This is an important part of the outdoor LED bollards’ construction, as chromate conversion coatings work extremely well with extruded aluminum; the chromate coating passivates the aluminum. After applying the chromate conversion finish, color is applied to the bollard lights using a powder-coating process. Powder coating is essentially specialized paint that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. Powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the paint in a liquid suspension form. It can thus produce a much thicker coating without running. Access Fixtures bollards collection features conversion coatings and powder coating to help them last as long as possible.

VAND LED exterior bollard lights are built with die-cast aluminum housings and are lens-free, eliminating any risk of condensation and increasing resistance to vandalism and damage. Click the photo to view the family

VAND LED exterior bollard lights are built with die-cast aluminum housings and are lens-free, eliminating any risk of condensation and increasing resistance to vandalism and damage.


The construction of commercial LED outdoor bollard lights is a fine balance between aesthetic design and technical robustness. Access Fixtures has mastered this balance, offering products that not only enhance the visual appeal of spaces but also stand the test of time against physical and environmental challenges. This dedication to quality ensures that their bollard lights are a reliable choice for any commercial outdoor lighting need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is cast aluminum used in bollard lights? Cast aluminum is chosen for its high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent corrosion resistance, and its ability to protect sensitive lighting technology from external damage.

What makes bollard lights resistant to vandalism? Vandal-resistant screws, durable materials, and strategic design choices, such as the placement of screw holes and protective lenses, ensure the lights are robust against tampering.

How does chromate conversion coating protect bollard lights? This coating process passivates the aluminum surface, forming a protective layer that prevents oxidation and corrosion caused by environmental exposure.

What are the advantages of powder coating over traditional paint? Powder coating produces a thicker, more uniform layer without requiring solvents, reducing the risk of drips and providing a longer-lasting finish.

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