Commercial LED Bollard Lights

VENU bollard lights from Access Fixtures are built with die-cast aluminum housings and durable polycarbonate lenses. Click the above image to view the family.

Commercial LED bollard lights are outdoor fixtures that are typically exposed to all elements. Because of this, it is crucial that bollard light construction considers durability at every level. Access Fixtures offer a range of high-quality, sleek, and sturdy bollard light housings that are made of durable cast aluminum and extruded aluminum. All of Access Fixtures bollard fixtures are CSA rated for wet locations.

Commercial LED Bollard Lights Construction

Manufactured from cast aluminum, Access Fixtures bollard light heads are built to last. The cast aluminum is hard, sturdy, and able to protect the light source. It also secures the gaskets, vandal-resistant outer lens, and other components of the bollard. The bollard light head is affixed to the body of the bollard light using vandal-­resistant screws. The holes for the vandal­-resistant screws are located on the sides as opposed to the top. This design prevents water from pooling in and penetrating the bollard light. It also prevents the vandal-resistant screws from corroding.


This cast aluminum bollard light base is protected with a chromate conversion coating and then a pow finish”

Cast aluminum bollard light base protected with a chromate conversion coating and powder coat finish.

Mounting Bases

Bollard light mounting bases from Access Fixtures also use cast aluminum. This material is strong and enables a mounting base to be firmly bolted with mounting bolts that are sunk in cement. The cast aluminum we use is able to retain a high degree of durability. Bollard lights from Access Fixtures feature a series of rubber gasket rings, which further protect the units from water and dust ingress.





Protective Finish

VAND 25w LED Bollard Light

VAND LED bollard lights are built with die-cast aluminum housings and are lens-free, eliminating any risk of condensation and increasing resistance to vandalism and damage. Click the photo to view the family.

To deter corrosion, all of Access Fixtures bollard lights are treated with a chromate conversion coating. This is an important part of the bollard light construction, as chromate conversion coatings work extremely well with extruded aluminum; the chromate coating passivates the aluminum. After applying the chromate conversion finish, color is applied to the bollard lights using a powder-coating process. Powder coating is essentially specialized paint that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. Powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the paint in a liquid suspension form. It can thus produce a much thicker coating without running. Access Fixtures bollard lights feature both conversion coatings and powder coating to help them last as long as possible.


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