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Bollard light replacement parts are beneficial for anyone who owns an Access Fixtures bollard light. These products include inner and outer lenses for square and round bollard lights as well as bollard light base replacement kits. 

Types of Bollard Light Replacement Parts

Round Prismatic Glass Lens – This product is used to replace broken or cracked inner lenses in TEFA bollard lights.

Round and Square Polycarbonate Lens – Both the round and square polycarbonate lens can be used to replace damaged outer lenses for CONA, TEFA, and LUVO bollard lights in both round and square styles.

Opalescent Polycarbonate Lens – This part is used to replace broken or cracked outer polycarbonate lenses for the LOPA opalescent bollard light.

SIRU Bollard Light Replacement Kit – The SIRU Universal Bollard Light Replacement Kit offers an alternative to digging a new hole and pouring new concrete. Simply install the kit adapter plate on existing bollard bolts, secure the cover plate over the base, and affix your new bollard light on the cover. This kit easily accommodates 7″ bollard lights such as TEFA, CONA, LUVO, and LOPA, but can be drilled easily to accommodate larger or smaller diameter bollard lights.

Need a bollard light replacement part that isn’t listed here? Contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist for more information.



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