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Access Fixtures, a leader in commercial and industrial LED lighting, today announced the launch of brand new lineup of full cutoff LED wall packs with selectable Kelvin and selectable wattage, CUTO. Each CUTO full cutoff LED wall pack features selectable Kelvin temperatures ranging from a warm white 3000K to a bright white 5000K. Selecting the preferred Kelvin temperature is as easy as flicking a switch. The three different CUTOs are available each offering a different variety of selectable wattages. Firstly, there is a CUTO fixture offering options of 20W, 30W, and 40W, respectively. Secondly, a CUTO offering 25W, 45W, and 55W options, respectively. And lastly, a CUTO offering 60W, 80W, and 110W options, respectively. By offering selectable wattage, the CUTO allows you to choose the exact amount of light you desire, with further lighting customization offered by its 0-10v dimmable driver. The CUTO’s die-cast aluminum housing offers a sleek and stylish yet robust lighting solution, which is UL, CuL, and RoHS listed for wet locations. Furthermore, the CUTO’s polycarbonate lens is both heat- and impact-resistant. These features offer both peace of mind to our customers and premium durability to the fixture.


“With selectable 3000 Kelvin and being full cutoff, CUTOs with selectable Kelvin and selectable wattage comply with dark sky regulations in most locations, making them a first choice option”, said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “CUTOs are also vandal resistant, with a die-cast aluminum housing and shatterproof lens, when equipped with optional tamper-proof screws, enabling CUTOs to be used in damage-prone locations”.


An internal photocell is included as standard, increasing the efficiency of the fixture by ensuring it only lights when external light levels are low. Its mounting on a large heatsink ensures that the CUTO can maintain a high and consistent lumen output with no risk of overheating its LED modules. An 8W emergency backup battery, ensuring that the fixture remains functioning should a mains outage occur, is available as an optional extra. Tamper-proof screws and surge protection of 10KV is also available at a small additional cost.


About Access Fixtures

Access Fixtures offers factory­-direct commercial, industrial, hospitality, and sports lighting for less. Featuring luminaires with LED, PSMH, and fluorescent light sources and with custom manufacturing capabilities, Access Fixtures builds luminaires and poles to the performance specifications our clients require. Luminaire types include wall packs, area lights, bollard lights, garage lighters, vandal ­resistant lights, exit and emergency lights, high bays, and vapor-tight luminaires. For more information, visit Access Fixtures at


CUTO LED Wall Pack

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