LED Driving Range Lighting for Night Practice


Hitting the driving range is a great way to improve your golf game. If you are a serious golfer, you probably put in as many hours of practice as your schedule will allow. With many work schedules becoming more and more demanding, some golf courses and driving driving range lightingranges are beginning to stay open after dark, which means that lighting must be installed in previously unlit areas. Access Fixtures has created ways to illuminate driving ranges with energy-efficient, high-powered fixtures.



Many Driving Ranges Now Offering Nighttime Play


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Playing golf at night didn’t become possible until fairly recently with the advent of  metal halide sports lighters. People’s modern schedules and lifestyles have created a need for golf courses to allow for nighttime play and practice.

Because golf courses and driving ranges come in many unique configurations, there are no standard driving range dimensions. However, there are several general features of outdoor driving ranges that must be taken into account when installing lighting.driving range LED lighting


  • The average length of a driving range is around 330 yards long. This can vary widely.
  • Driving ranges may be standalone or they may be incorporated as part of a country club. Urban areas tend to see more standalone driving ranges as space is an issue.
  • The absolute minimum acreage  for a driving range is 2. Most modern driving ranges are laid out over 15-17 acres.
  • The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) recommends 20 footcandles at the tee box and 10 footcandles of vertical illuminance at 600’.

As you can see, each driving range lighting project is going to be situationally tailored. Access Fixtures can recommend custom lighting solutions as general guidelines for illuminating driving ranges at night.



Driving Range Light Fixtures

For a project such as a driving range that requires light at the tee and down range, a fixture will need to possess the following attributes in order to be successful:


  • Be available at high wattages in order to project light down each individual tee area.
  • Be available with narrow optics.
  • Last a long time with little need for maintenance.
  • Be able to withstand wind, rain, and other outdoor weather conditions.


Based on these parameters, our APTI sports lighter would be the best and most obvious choice for lighting a driving range. They are L70 rated at 200,000 hours and are available with multiple mounting options for any style of driving range. For driving ranges with sheltered APTI 964w LED Sport Light 120-277v - 200,000-Hr. Life, Slip Fitter detailtees, APTI fixtures can be bracket-mounted on top of the tee shelter. For unsheltered tees, APTIs may be mounted on poles behind the players. APTI sports lighters come in a wide range of wattages, Kelvins, and finishes. They also come with a 5-year Access Fixtures warranty.


For a project like a driving range, we recommend applying for a photometric analysis. This will allow us to simulate the lighting conditions of your driving range and create a computerized generation using our APTI fixtures. A photometric analysis is highly recommended for driving range projects and other golf lighting projects in order to achieve the highest-quality results.