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Exactly What Ground-Mounted LED Light Fixtures Are

Ground-mounted LED Light fixtures are lighting installations specifically designed to be mounted at or near ground level, typically for outdoor illuminations. These fixtures are specifically engineered to provide subtle and strategic lighting effects, often highlighting pathways, landscaping elements, architectural features, or outdoor spaces.

10 Features of Access Fixtures Ground-Mounted LED Light Fixtures

Ground-mounted LED light fixtures have various features to meet different outdoor lighting needs. At Access Fixtures, our products can be tailored to suit your desired project requirements.

  1. Design: Our LED ground-mounted fixtures feature a discreet low-profile design, seamlessly blending into landscapes for a clean appearance.
  2. Weather-Resistance: Specifically engineered for outdoor use, our low-level mounted fixtures are built to withstand varying elements, including rain, snow, and UV rays.
  3. Directional Light Output: Tailored for precision, our ground-mounted LED fixtures emit light in specific directions, with adjustable angles to highlight landscape features, architectural elements, or pathways.
  4. Dimming Capabilities: Experience control with 0-10v dimming in our ground-mounted LED light fixtures, allowing you to adjust brightness according to your preference or specific lighting needs for a dynamic environment.
  5. Motion Sensors and Occupancy Detection: Enhance energy efficiency and security with fixtures featuring motion sensors or occupancy detection technology, enabling automatic activation or adjustment of light levels upon motion detection.
  6. Diverse Mounting Options: Choose from various mounting options, including flush mounting or installation on posts or pedestals, offering versatility for the most suitable installation method in your outdoor space.
  7. Uniform Light Distribution: Prioritizing consistency, our ground-mounted LED fixtures ensure uniform light distribution, eliminating dark spots and creating an aesthetically pleasing illuminated environment.
  8. Different Beam Angles: Customize your lighting experience with fixtures offering different beam angles. Wide-angle beams cover large areas, while narrow beams accentuate specific features.
  9. Compatibility with Landscape Designs: Our ground-mounted LED fixtures are designed to complement various landscape styles, whether modern, minimalist, or traditional, providing options to suit different aesthetic preferences.
  10. Variety of Color Temperatures: Access Fixtures LED fixtures are available in various color temperatures. Whether warm, cool, or neutral tones, the flexibility in color temperature enhances the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces.

3 Ways to Install Ground-Mounted LED Light Fixtures

Using a Bolt Down Bracket Mount

Our Bolt-Down Bracket Mount anchors outdoor lighting securely. Crafted from durable materials like aluminum or steel, it ensures stability for ground-mounted fixtures. Versatile and easy to install on surfaces like concrete or stone, adjustable angles allow for customizable lighting direction. Weather-resistant for durability, the straightforward installation process involves marking, drilling, and securing. This mount not only contributes to stability and security but also streamlines maintenance, enhancing outdoor lighting effortlessly. Upgrade your outdoor lighting with our essential Bolt-Down Bracket Mount.

15w selectable kelvin flood bracket mount side

Using a Knuckle Mount

Our Knuckle Mount fixtures with an FLPTF or, mounted on a 4′ square waterproof electrical box with a coin slot opening provide optimal positioning for outdoor lighting. Featuring a flexible knuckle joint, it allows precise angling and rotation for directing light. Crafted from durable materials like aluminum or steel, it ensures stability and durability. Installation is simple, secure it to the ground with bolts or screws. The knuckle design allows easy adjustments, making it suitable for illuminating pathways, landscaping features, or architectural elements. With its adaptable nature and sturdy construction, the knuckle mount enhances the functionality and aesthetics of ground-mounted LED lights, offering a reliable and customizable solution for outdoor lighting applications.

15w selectable kelvin flood

Using a Slip Fitter Mount

The slip fitter mounted on a  galvanized steel pipe with a 2 3/8″ outer diameter for ground-mounted light fixtures is a practical solution for secure outdoor lighting installation. Featuring a slip fitter that slides over a vertical pole, it allows height adjustment and easy fixture installation. Crafted from durable materials like aluminum or steel, it ensures stability and longevity in various outdoor environments. Installation is simple—slide the fitter over the pole and secure it in place with bolts or screws. Its adjustable nature allows customization of height and angle, offering flexibility in illuminating specific areas, pathways, or architectural elements.

150w 200w Flood Light selectable Kelvin