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Halogen to LED Calculator

Halogen to LED Conversion Calculator

Current Halogen Lamp Watts
Halogen Lamp Lumens
Luminaire Efficacy
Mean Luminaire Lumens
LED Fixture Lumens Per Watts
LED Mean Lumnaire Equivalent
Equivalent with Maintenance Factor (MF)
LED Energy Savings

Definitions and Explanation of the Lighting Terms for the Halogen to LED Conversion Calculator

Current Halogen Lamp Watts:

What is the wattage of the current halogen light bulb you are using?

Halogen light bulbs come in various wattages, ranging from around 20 watts for smaller bulbs used in desk lamps or accent lighting, up to 1000 watts for larger bulbs used in floodlighting or outdoor lighting fixtures. You should be able to find the wattage of your halogen light bulb by looking at the base or ends of the light bulb or by finding the information on the light fixture.


Double Ended Halogen Light Bulb

Lamp Mean Lumens:

What is the average lumens emitted by a halogen light bulb with this wattage.

Luminaire Efficacy:

Halogen lamps (light bulbs) put out x lumens, but that doesn’t mean all of the all the light from the lamp gets out of the luminaire. Some light is lost from the luminaire housing. Some light is lost when the light passes through the lens. The default for this is 80%. If you prefer to be more precise, speak with an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist.

LED Light Fixture Lumens Per Watt:

This information should be provided in the specifications of the new LED lamp or LED light fixture that you are considering to purchase. Be wary of the information provided. The LED wattage used for this should be system watts. System watts is the wattage of the LED based on the mA provided by the LED driver and the wattage used by the LED driver. There is also a difference between LED lumens and luminaire lumens. LED lumens is the lumens per watt of the LEDs. Just like legacy luminaires, the lamp lumens is not the same as the luminaire lumens. Luminaire lumens is the lumens per watt emitted by the luminaire. What is the information that you want for LED Fixture Lumens per Watt? It is LED Luminaire Lumens divided by LED Systam Watts. Again, this should be provided, but be sure that you are getting the correct information.

LED Mean Lumnaire Equivalent:

This is calculated by dividing the HID Mean Luminaire Lumens by the LED Luminaire Lumens per Watt.

Equivalent with Maintenance Factor (MF):

LED luminaires have lumen depreciation too. , so there is a calculation required similar to HID Mean Lamp Lumens. LED luminaires have an L70 rating such as L70 @ 100,000 Hours. That means that over 100,000 hours of use the lumens emitted will decline to 70% of the original light emitted by the LED luminaire. While that is a long time, time passes. Enough light when new may or will not be enough light later on. For eample, if a tennis court design delivers 30 footcandles (fc) and 30fc is required, there will not be enough light to play tennis at 25fc. Access Fixtures lighting engineer recommends that a MF of 20%. be added to maintain sufficient lumens for the task.

Halogen Area Light - LED Flood Light - Halogen to LED Calculator - Learn what wattage should you use when changing from halogen to LED

Halogen Flood Light

LED Flood Light - Halogen to LED Calculator - Learn what wattage should you use when changing from halogen to LED

LED Flood Light

LED Energy Savings:

This is a comparrison of the system watts used as compared to the LED system watts.

Halogen to LED Conversion Calculator Disclaimer

This calculator is provided as a tool to help electricians, faciltiy managers and others to get a fairly accurate estimate of the LED wattage required to provide an equal amount of lumens. When selecting a new LED fixture or retrofit, there are other factors to take into consideration.
For example optics including beam spread determine the pattern and how wide the light is distributed. Speak woth an Access Fixtures lighting speacilaist about your project to get the answers you need from a professional.
Access Fixtures assumes no responsibility for information provided or action taken based on use of this to LED Conversion Calculator.

Convert from Halogen to LED Lighting – Next Steps

What are the next steps required to convert from to LED? You could simply guess at what the best LED light fixture is for your application based on the LED light fixture providing similar lumens, or you could speak with an expert. Call 800.468.9925 and talk to an Access Fixtures lighting specialist or click here.

Halogen to LED Conversion Calculator

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