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HID Light Fixture Efficiency List  

The HID light efficiency chart provides an estimate of the light emitted by a Metal Halide (MH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Low Pressure Sodium (LPS), or Mercury Vapor (MV) light fixture. Light emitted from the HID light bulb is lost due the structure of the light fixture and the light passing through different types of lenses. The chart lists the percentage of light that comes out of the HID light.

Multiply the mean lumens of the light bulb (lamp) in the HID light fixture times by the mean lumens (design lumens) of the lamp to know how much light is emitted by the light fixture.

High Bay HID Light with Metal Reflector has 84% Efficiency

Mean Lumens x HID Light Fixture Efficiency = HID Light Fixture Lumens

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HID Light Fixture Efficiency Chart

Change HID Light Fixtures to LED

What wattage LED light fixture is required to convert from HID to LED? These are links to calculators that can help you determine the correct LED wattage to attain an equivalent light output as your HID Light.

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HID Light Fixture Efficiency List Page

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