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A customer photo of stable lighting from Access Fixtures.

Horse stalls, stable, storage, and aisle lighting should be sufficient, safe, and energy efficient. Access Fixtures offers a wide range of options for lighting these equine facilities, each of which considers the many location-specific challenges. For example, all fixtures located in stables should remain cool at all times to ensure the safety of the horses; high-performing, stable-quality horse stall lights are essential for correctly illuminating stables and aisles. A reliable system is important in all seasons, most notably during dark, winter days when visibility is poor.

When lighting a horse stall or stable, it is also important to consider vet visits, which sometimes need to happen at difficult times of day or night. Your veterinarian may need to attend to a horse in the middle of the night, so the last thing they should have to do is hold a flashlight or rely on insufficient lighting. Having a correct lighting system in place will mean the vet can do his or her job and the horse can receive the care it needs without delay or distraction.

Equine Lighting Safety Concerns

HIIO LED 150w High Bay, 20250 Lumens, IP66, Choice of Optics, Mounting three quarter view

Selecting the incorrect fixtures for your stable can introduce the risk of serious damage (to the animals, the humans, and the building itself). Dust and hay kicked up by the animals and by vehicles, trainers, and spectators can easily collect on the fixtures; if they aren’t easily cleaned, they can become a hazard. Your fixtures must be rated for protection against flying dust and particulates, yes, but wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to simply spray them down with a hose? Consider the IP66 high bay fixtures explained below.

In the hot months of summer, there is a high risk of hay catching fire and damaging property or animals. Light sources like incandescent lamps are not typically suited for agricultural use because they generate significant heat with very little protection. Even incandescent fixtures surrounded by cages or wire guards will not be enough to prevent the consequences of a shattered, overheated lamp. A fixture that breaks above a stable or stall will almost certainly land on the horse itself, which should be avoided.

Because of space limitations, installing a fixture directly inside or above a stall may not be feasible. It is important to leave sufficient distance between the ceiling or wall and the horse. That being said, you’ll also want to limit glare and shadows by selecting appropriate fixtures and installing them at the appropriate angles. If you can’t hang fixtures above the stall or place them high up on the wall itself, you can install them in the aisle outside the stall with a reflector to help direct the light. If that is not suitable for your space, an Access Fixtures lighting specialist will find a solution for your space requirements.

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Vapor Proof Suitability – Reliable and Versatile

EPTA linear led fixture bracket mount

An EPTA linear LED fixture, IP67 rated.

Vapor-proof fixtures are enclosed in vapor-tight housings for applications such as stable lighting, where the light source and wiring need to be protected. Vapor-proof fixtures are used in properties that need excellent lighting for damp and dusty conditions. Their protective housings and designs make them ideal for illuminating horse stables.

While riding arenas, training areas, or dressage spaces usually require high-powered overhead lights that emit a bright light over the large area, areas used for grooming, washing, and boarding require a different breed of fixture. All stable fixtures should be enclosed so that horses cannot hit them and so they are not negatively affected by dust or water. Selecting an IP67-rated fixture such as the EPTA LED linear fixture will prevent glass shards from falling on top of horses. Its polycarbonate lens protects its LED light source and its IP67 rating means water and dust are no match for this incredible luminaire.

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LED Suitability – The Best Choice for Stable Lighting?

PERI jelly jar

Consider using LED jelly jar fixtures to even out the light in aisles, dark corners, and even within the stalls themselves.

Efficacy and rated lifetimes should also be a priority when selecting your stable and stall lighting fixtures. When compared to traditional arena lighting such as metal halides, LED fixtures exceed performance levels, rated life, and energy efficiency. In addition, LED fixtures are virtually maintenance-free, which is important considering the high-traffic nature of horse barns. Using LED fixtures means no lamp replacement, far less maintenance than HID, and more consistent performance over the life of the fixtures.

If the EPTA linear LED isn’t what you’re looking for, the HIIO 100w LED High Bay is an excellent LED alternative. This luminaire offers exceptional performance with a 100,000-hour rated life. Better yet, the HIIO features a built-in heat sink and three choices of optics for a custom lighting experience.

Lighting the aisles of your horse stable is just as important as lighting the stalls themselves. The PERI 14w Wall Mount LED Jelly Jar Fixture is a perfect solution for aisle lighting that will allow ongoing work no matter what time of day. These 14w multi-purpose wall mount LED vapor tight fixtures emit 954 light source lumens. This LED solution is efficient, reliable, and long-lasting; it is also available for surface mounting (see here). Also note that this fixture has been tested for use in a stable area where moisture, dust, and debris are all inevitable. With no lead or mercury content and very little generated heat, this vapor-tight luminaire is ideally suited to illuminate the aisles and dark areas of your horse’s stable.

Alternatively, you can choose the similar PERI 13w LED Jelly Jar Light. This fixture is L70 rated at 135,000 hours and has a range of mounting options to choose from. This fixture is ideally suited to environments that experience harsh temperatures or physical abuse. The 10w PERI jelly jar is CSA listed for wet locations, IP65 rated for protection against the elements, and has been tested to operate between –40°F and 104°F. This fixture is an excellent choice if you are looking for an efficient, long-lasting, and affordable fixture to ensure the aisles in your horse stable have sufficient light. Call the Access Fixtures lighting team at 800-468-9925 to discuss jelly jar options for your facility today.

LEDs are the most popular choice in luminaires when it comes to stable lighting. LED fixtures are safe and outrageously efficient, and with the wide range of options from Access Fixtures, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect fixtures for your facility. While the upfront cost of LEDs has long been daunting, the ROI, energy savings, and minimal maintenance requirements almost always make LEDs far more lucrative than other light sources. LEDs are also directional, which means their light is sent straight to where you need it and very little is wasted elsewhere. For contractors and consumers alike, LED vapor-tight lights are now their first choice, specifically when it comes to stable lighting due to the reliability and performance of LEDs.

Still unsure? Check out the ANDO vandal-resistant LED canopy light. This fixture is made with die-cast aluminum housing and stainless steel hardware and boasts an efficacy of over 100 lumens per watt. This fixture is perfect for use in gas stations, workshops, sheds, stairwells, and stables. Its prismatic glass lens eliminates the risk of broken glass and mercury. This is an important factor to consider when selecting fixtures for spaces close to animals. This luminaire is UL-listed for wet locations and is also made rebate-ready with its DLC listing. Want to learn more about these fixtures? Contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist today.

Access Fixtures horse stall lighting is designed to offer a targeted and customized lighting solution for your stables. Unlike tennis or basketball courts, there is no “standard” horse stable; you may want to have Access Fixtures run a photometric analysis for your specific barn or stable. Our lighting specialists will map out a computer simulation of your space and can use software to add or remove fixtures from the layout. We can manipulate the type of fixtures, the quantity, the aiming angles, and more, all in the interest of providing you with a safe and suitable solution. Once the report is generated, a specialist will walk you through the results so you know exactly what you’ll be receiving.

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Fixture Mounting

Ando canopy light

Canopy lights like this ANDO LED fixture are often used in gas station canopies, but their rugged construction and light output make them well-suited for stable lighting.

Considering ease of installation and mounting is important when lighting your stable. Fixtures are usually located in high/hard-to-reach places of stables and arenas, so installation needs to be safe and easy. The HIIO fixtures can be mounted with either a hook or a U-bracket on a wall. The ANDO can be easily mounted to a surface or junction box, too. Call us today to determine the best mount for your project. Our team can help you find the best solution for your arena lighting.

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Access Fixtures is your factory-direct source for all light fixtures needed to suitably illuminate your horse stable. If you have a lighting question, we will be glad to help get you an answer. We want to make sure you get the exact fixture for your needs, your budget, and your goals. We are passionate about lighting and love what we do. To speak with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist, call (800) 468-9925.