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Horseshoe Pit Lighting

Horseshoe Pit Lighting


Horseshoes Court lighting packages include poles, fixtures, and mounts required for adequately lighting the surface of a horseshoe court. Access Fixtures can provide custom photometric analyses for any layout; if you’d like a photometric report built specifically for your project, call us at 800-468-9925 to discuss!

Horseshoes Court Lighting Built to Last

Fixtures, poles, and hardware are protected from rust and corrosion by a chromate conversion coating followed by a powder coat of paint. The consistent durability of every component ensures years of hassle-free lighting.


Better Thermal Management


Quality cast-aluminum housings contribute to longer life for your fixtures by preventing internal temperature fluctuations. Temperature consistency allows fixtures to succeed in lighting your horseshoe court for years to come.


Superior Photometric Analysis


Photometrics Optimized for Horseshoes

Every horseshoes court lighting package has been analyzed using photometric software. Using 3-dimensional court rendering, light levels and distribution levels are tested to ensure optimum lighting.

Custom Photometric Analysis

Our lighting specialists are trained to use advanced photometric software and assistance is offered to all clients for free. Call today to speak with a lighting specialist regarding photometric analysis for your custom configuration.


Energy-Saving LED Technology


Access Fixtures horseshoes court lights feature the newest LED technology and produce high-output, high-efficacy light. Most of our fixtures are rated for 100,000 hours or greater, making for long-lasting solutions that provide years of lighting.

Do You Have More Questions?

Feel free to call our team at 800-468-9925 to discuss your light level needs, fixture needs, and more. We are glad to go through the specs of the poles, fixtures, and mounts so you know exactly what you’ll be receiving. You can also email us at [email protected].