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The top of a light fixture is flat and warm. That’s the perfect place for birds to nest. Of course, even if you are an ornithologist, a birdwatcher, a twitcher, or just a birder, you don’t want birds nesting on top of your light fixtures. Here’s three primary reasons you always want bird spikes.

1. There will be a significant amount of bird droppings on the ground around the nest.
2. The birds nesting on the light fixture may be protected by law, stopping you from servicing or changing a light fixture.
3. Bird nests insulate the top of the fixture. That increases the operating temperature of the light fixture, which in turn reduces the life of the LEDs.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? As there is no way to describe how to install bird spikes, watch the video.


How to Install Bird Spikes on Access Fixtures LED Light Fixtures works for APZA, APTA, APTI and other Access Fixtures LED light fixtures. Speak with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist to find out if this video is right for you. 800.468.9925.