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Take a look at Access Fixtures’ recent project featuring the transformation of The West Newton Armory facade. The project showcases impressive architecture and vibrant lighting. Through innovative lighting design, we have revitalized the aesthetic allure of this architectural gem, seamlessly blending style with purpose. You can explore the intricacies and impressive outcomes of our facade lighting endeavor, where every detail is carefully crafted to reveal the authentic essence of The West Newton Armory. Witness the perfect harmony of art and technology illuminating the innate beauty of architectural brilliance.


Utilizing Poles and Wall Packs to Illuminate the FacadeWest Newton Armory 43' Pole Illumination

The West Newton Armory was illuminated using two different lighting techniques. One utilized mounting LED fixtures on 43-foot poles, while the other utilized wall packs. A total of twenty- two (22) light fixtures were installed to achieve the architectural illumination of the Armory building. The following outlines the process of both approaches.

Utilizing Poles

Choosing the 43-foot poles to mount the fixtures ensured we achieved effective and aesthetically pleasing illumination. The elevated height allowed for wide coverage, ensuring the entire facade received optimal lighting. In this case, shadows were minimized, which provided a more uniform and visually appealing display of the architectural details of the Armory. Additionally, the increased height makes the building more noticeable from a distance. Furthermore, fixtures mounted at a height of 43 feet with advanced optics deliver controlled downward light, resulting in reduced glare while creating a well-lit facade.

Utilizing Wall Packs

Opting to include LED wall packs to illuminate a historic building facade such as the West Newton Armory not only provided broader and even light, but also enabled us to strategically incorporate fill and accent lighting.

  • LED Wall packs, installed as fill lights on the building facade, employ a wide beam distribution to uniformly illuminate West Newton Armory Overall Illuminationthe surface. Mounted at specific intervals, the wall packs provide even wall lighting, yet, minimizing shadows and ensuring optimal vertical illuminance. This approach enhances the visibility of the architectural details on the Armory while maintaining a consistent luminance across the entire facade. The careful placement and beam spread of these wall packs contribute to effective fill lighting, creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing illumination that respects the historical context of the structure.
  • Wall packs also function as accent lights on a building facade by strategically employing narrow beam distributions to emphasize specific architectural elements. These fixtures are positioned with precision and create targeted highlights, playing with light and shadow to add depth and visual interest. These wall packs’ controlled beam angles and precise aiming enhance key features, creating a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing lighting design. This meticulous approach enhances the architectural storytelling of the building facade, utilizing the versatility of wall packs to create a nuanced play of light that elevates the overall visual impact.

Utilizing Poles and Wall Packs

Pole-mounted LED lights and Wall Packs work in synergy to illuminate this building facade. By placing the tall 43-foot mounted fixtures at the front perimeter of the building, the Armory is provided with ambient illumination. This means that these lights contribute to the general brightness of the building’s facade. On the other hand, the wall packs act as both fill and accent lights offering a more focused illumination, highlighting architectural detail, and creating visual interest. A combination of both ensured a comprehensive lighting solution that addressed the broader context of the building, as well as its specific features.


The Significance of Foot Candles in Lighting the West Newton Armory Facade

Foot candles matter when lighting the West Newton Armory building as they create a symphony of light that turns the facade into a masterpiece. Foot candles dictate the intensity of light reaching different parts of the facade. Not only is it just about brightness; but also sculpting shadows, highlighting architectural nuances, ensuring safety, and creating an ambiance that leaves a lasting impression. Properly calculated foot candles contribute to uniformity and reduction of glare.

This project factored in the number of foot candles cast on the building through considerations of; the height of the pole-mounted fixtures, and their distance from the building. Furthermore, the choice of wall packs used combined with the directional capabilities of LED lights was considered.

The images to the right showcase some of the photometric analyses that enabled the Lighting Specialists at Access Fixtures to achieve the objectives of the West Newton Armory project. From these photometric studies, our lighting specialists recommended the type and number of luminaires. This contributed to establishing a lighting solution tailored specifically for this application.