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Access Fixtures specializes in many types of high-performance lighting solutions. We are expanding our repertoire as time goes on to include even bigger and more unconventional projects. Learn how we illuminated a customer’s 159′ x 206′ indoor horse arena with linear LED fixtures and produced an amazingly even lighting result.

Our Customer’s Concerns

A customer in Texas contacted us about his beautiful and expansive indoor riding arena. He wanted high bays to evenly light the riding arena and provide no shadowing and little glare. Before we began, he provided us with some crucial information regarding the size and layout of his project. Here were the following specs or requests that we needed to know:

  • 159′ x 206′ hunter/jumper training facility
  • 32,754 square feet
  • 20 footcandles ideal
  • No “UFO” design such as the HIIO high bays
  • Max/min ratio close to 2.0 or under
  • Lighting around the 3 large fans on the ceiling attached to the center beam
  • Minimal glare and even lighting

A side view of the arena.

The arena from the top.


We first determined that the best lighting fixture would be our EPTA linear LED fixtures. Access Fixtures’ linear EPTA LED fixture is able to fit into tight or narrow ceiling areas. Though not technically a high bay, it has the ability to appear as one. It also has the advantage of longevity that many similar high bays do not.


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EPTA linear led fixture bracket mount t5 lighting fixture

An EPTA linear LED fixture.

  • L70 rated at over 200,000 hours
  • Access Fixtures 5-year warranty
  • Choice of 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K
  • Choice of many different optics for the most efficient lighting
  • 130 lumens per watt
  • Choice of wattages includes 20w, 30w, 60w, 90w, 120w, and 150w
  • Standard 70+ CRI but 80+ and 90+ available at a small additional cost
  • Mounting options include knuckle mount, bracket mount, and suspension cables
  • IP67 – Dustproof, bug-proof, waterproof and perfect for dirty and wet locations




Fans in the Way

As the diagrams show, the arena is obviously very large. Our customer had requested that we put the lighting no higher than 20′ above the arena due to the three large fans that hang from the center beam in the arena. The actual highest point on the ceiling is 33′ high but this is largely overshadowed by the placement of the fans. Why does it matter if there are fans on the ceiling, you ask? Just place the lighting fixtures around them! If we were to place the lighting above the fans, this would result in strobing of the lights every time the fans were turned on. If the lighting was placed below the fans, they might blow around.



Our Solution

The blue lines represent the placement of the fixtures and the red circles represent the fans.


We ultimately decided that the best solution around the fans was to light between them. Using special mounting equipment, we were able to place our EPTA linear fixtures between the fans at around 20′ high. This prevented the issue of the lights blowing around and light strobing while maintaining the desired 20 minimum footcandles throughout most of the arena.

Photometric analysis of the arena with footcandle ranges.