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wall lights LEDWORCESTER, MA, August 2017—Access Fixtures launches JORA cutoff wall packs, designed for long-life LED applications and any location requiring wildlife-friendly lighting. For turtle and wildlife protection, the JORA wall lights LED emit amber-colored light above 560 nanometers, which turtles and other wildlife can’t see. The LEDs are hidden from direct view by a cutoff housing, making the unit appealing to humans and safe for turtles and wildlife.

Each JORA fixture is L70 rated for over 100,000 hours. Featuring a rugged die-cast aluminum housing, these commercial-grade fixtures are built to last. Each JORA cutoff wall pack features a tempered lens that maximizes delivered lumens. Standard JORA fixtures are available in bronze, though custom RAL colors are also available.

“JORA wall packs fulfill most turtle and wildlife requirements and last a tremendously long time,” says Alex Guarco, of Access Fixtures. “They are built to look like traditional HID wall packs, too, so making the transition to LED is now easier than ever.”


Available from 24 to 104 watts, the JORA wall lights LED are especially designed for coastal environments, largely due to their CSA and IP65 ratings, which prove protection against both dust and water. Optional upgrades include 0-10v dimming, step dimming, emergency battery backup, occupancy sensors, and surge protection.

About Access Fixtures

These fixtures are designed and assembled in the USA and will keep your property compliant by protecting wildlife while also providing safe egress for humans. Explore the JORA family from Access Fixtures for a high-performing wall pack solution suitable for your coastal facility. If you have questions or need advice on selecting the best fixture for your application, call Access Fixtures at 800-468-9925.