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What do you do when people drive over curbs & through lawns/gardens? Install LED lighted bollards with type V glass to increase visibility, enhance safety, and reduce maintenance.

Before we get into LED bollard lights with type V glass, here’s a quick story from an Access Fixtures lighting specialist:


LED bollard light with louvers.

When my parents began to get a little older, they got a place in Florida. Once there, my father quickly found out that much of the aging population in the surrounding community could not see or drive well. This led to one of my father’s more humorous sayings. When we would visit, he would tell us, “If you want to be safe, stay off the sidewalk.”

Recently, a property manager called that same lighting specialist to order bollard lights. The property manager was telling almost the same story as the specialist’s father. Elderly drivers in his community did not always keep their cars on the road. On a regular basis, drivers were going up and over the curbs, driving over grass, and leaving Oldsmobile and Lincoln Town Car tire tracks through the neighborhood gardens. The property manager wanted to install bollard lights to supplement the lighting in the area. His hope was that with more light, drivers in the area would be better able to keep their cars on the road.

Which LED Bollard Lights Provided the Most Light?


LED bollard light with type V glass.

The property manager called looking for LED bollard lights with louvers. He really liked that look, but once the lighting specialist began to understand his objective, both of them realized that LED louvered bollard lights were not the right solution. LED bollard lights with louvers are energy-efficient fixtures, but the light emitted is shielded by the louvers and therefore directed down toward the ground. They are an excellent way to light a path or a garden, but not an effective solution for increasing light levels for older drivers. What was the best solution?

Which LED Bollard Light Would Increase Light Levels and Visibility?

While there are many different types of LED bollard lights, the lighting specialist explained that LED bollard lights with type 5 glass emit the most light. LED bollard lights with type V glass (type 5) enable the light to go in all directions. The optic that limits glare in this fixture is borosilicate prismatic glass; it keeps glare to a minimum while maximizing light output. These bollards are similar to post lights often used on front lawns, but are 42 inches high and have optics to limit glare. If the property manager wanted the older drivers to stay away from curbs, grass, and gardens, LED bollard lights with type V glass were the best solution.

Is It Safe to Walk On the Sidewalk?LED-Bollard-Light-Shopping

While it may be funny to make jokes and tell stories like our specialist’s father did, the reality is that people getting older require more light to see. The property manager understood this and wanted to add light to keep his community as safe as possible. While we think it’s a good idea for pedestrians in that community to keep one eye on the road at all times, the sidewalks, curbs, grass, and gardens will certainly be safer with the new LED bollard lights with type V glass.