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New Custom Horse Arena and Rodeo Lighting Solutions


Access Fixtures, a Worcester, MA based manufacturer of commercial, industrial, and sports lighting solutions, now provides custom LED horse arena lighting solutions. While this includes traditional outdoor rectangular arenas used for casual riding, Access Fixtures can also light dressage arenas, rodeo arenas, bull riding arenas, and any type of indoor equestrian arena. Depending on the situation, footcandle requirements may be different.  For example, casual outdoor riding arena may only need 20 footcandles of light. An average of 40 horizontal footcandles is usually recommended for hunter/jumper training. Televised equestrian or rodeo sports will require an even higher level of average footcandles and probably higher-wattage LED fixtures. No matter the footcandle requirements, lighting for horse arenas and rodeo arenas must always be uniform to avoid causing danger to the animals and riders. Access Fixtures is able to maintain both even lighting and recommended footcandle levels through professional photometric analysis that determines the best fixtures for each equestrian lighting application.


Here at Access Fixtures, we recognize that no two riding arenas are the same. Depending on the size of your arena and whether it’s indoor or outdoor, we have fixtures and custom solutions for any project,” says Access Fixtures CEO Steve Rothschild. “We also have budget-friendly options for more casual riding arenas that will still meet your footcandle and safety requirements.”

For indoor riding arenas, the EPTA linear fixture and the HIIO high bay are both popular choices. EPTA is L70 rated at 200,000 hours, flicker-free, comes in multiple wattages, and is available with choice of Kelvin, CRI, and mounting. HIIO is a more budget-friendly high bay that is IP65 rated, sturdy, and comes in multiple wattages. An outdoor arena may require poles depending on the situation–customers can choose to keep their existing wooden poles and mount APTI fixtures to them via bullhorns. Access Fixtures also provides poles if needed, and a thorough assessment will be completed in order to determine the number of fixtures, height of poles, and other factors best suited to each equestrian arena. Nearly all Access Fixtures luminaires are covered by a 5-year Access Fixtures warranty. To learn more about custom horse arena lighting solutions, call Access Fixtures at 800-468-9925 or email a lighting specialist at [email protected].

How To Prevent Light Trespass in Outdoor Lighting Projects

How To Prevent Light Trespass in Outdoor Lighting Projects

Light trespass is important to consider in any lighting project. Across the United States, many cities and towns require the use of shielded fixtures; full-cutoff fixtures; and comprehensive prevention of light trespass, glare, and light spill. How can you respect these lighting regulations, achieve the light levels you need, and avoid any light pollution or nuisance lighting complications?