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Choosing the best high-performance LED shop lights for your space doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. Do you need excellent lighting for your woodwork or metal shop? Art studio or auto body shop? Access Fixtures has a high-performance LED high bay solution for your project. Here, we compare two popular LED shop lights based on functionality, form factor, specifications, and more, so you can decide which extreme performance fixture is most suitable for you.

LED shop lights are typically used for applications such as garages, barns, warehouses, retail stores, auto body shops, and elsewhere. LED shop lights are available in a range of styles, designs, and options, so choosing the appropriate light source, lumen output, mounting, and reflector is important. Factors like application and personal preference can have a huge impact on your decision, too. Access Fixtures, has a vast range of LED shop lights and high bay fixtures to choose from, including traditional and modern styles. Whatever your preference, there is a high-performance fixture to evenly illuminate your space and hit the footcandle requirements of your specific location.


The Best LED Shop Lights: OTOK vs. HIIO

OTOK and HIIO LED shop lights are two of the most popular high bay product families available at Access Fixtures. Both product families offer superior efficacy, performance, and terrific optimized light output. A significant design difference between these fixtures are their housing styles; OTOK brings a familiar traditional, linear housing, while HIIO housings are modern “UFO” style, but let’s cut to the chase. 

Both LED High Bay shop light families boast incredible efficacies and deliver terrific light while remaining professional and discreet. The performance of these fixtures makes them stand out from the crowd for a number of reasons, buthy would you want OTOK instead of HIIO and vice versa?

LED Shop Lights Comparison: OTOK LED High Bay

OTOK high bay luminaires are high-performance LED fixtures with an efficacy of 135 lumens per watt, superior color rendering with a rating of 80+ CRI, a superb difusser lens that virtually eliminates glare, and EXTREME-LIFE of L70 @ 200,000 hours. WOW!

      Extreme Life: This fixture is L70 rated at over 200,000 hours for years of maintenance free life.

      No Glare:  A polycarbonate diffuser eliminates glare and maximizes light distribution.

      Superior Color Rendering:  This fixture has a color rendering index of 80+ for maximum visibility.

321 high bay linear fixture

LED Shop Lights Comparison: HIIO LED High Bays

HIIO high bay LED light fixtures are that depending opn the model emits an astounding 140 lumens per watt or 170 lumens per watt. It is extremely efficient, but most important it is designed to be in dirty and wet location areas. If there is dust, dirt, water and worse, HIIO is the choice. HIIO is a value. HIIO also comes with Selectable Wattage and Selectable Kelvin models. If you can’t decide which Kelvin you want or how much light you need, HIIO Selectable models will help you make that decision, becasue you can change the wattage and/or the Kelvin on site.     

      Selectable Wattage & Kelvin: Select your preferred wattage. Select your Kelvin for warm, cool or cooler lighting.

      Integrated Lighting Controls: Optional Plug-and-Play Microwave Occupancy and Daylight Harvesting Sensor: I

      IP65 Rated: Wet location IP rating and a die-cast aluminum housing means dust and water stay out


LED Shop Light Key Differences: IP65 Rated or EXTREME-LIFE

The beyond form factor, the most drastic difference between OTOK and HIIO is this. OTOK is EXTREME-LIFE rated L70 @ 200,000 hours. Install is and have amazing hight CRI, low glare illumination for hundreds of thousands of hours. Of course that is as long as the work area is clean and dry. If the work area is dirty or damp, HIIO is the opbvious option. 

If You Can’t Decide,Speak to an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist

Choosing a high bay style to suit your environment can be your decision, but choosing the best fixture to meet your light requirements and expectations is our specialty. Are you still unsure of what high bay to choose for your project? Access Fixtures can help make the decision easier. Call us today and let our lighting specialists help you find the right fixture for your lighting project! We are passionate about lighting and love what we do—we’ll find the best solution. Call us today at 800-468-9925.