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No UV Lighting - No Light Under 450nm LED Luminaires

No UV – No Light Under 450nm LED Luminaires

Troffers – High Bays – Flush Mount – Linear

A No UV LED Lights Revolution

Access Fixtures No UV Lighting technology is designed to revolutionize clean rooms and production facilities that require no light under 450nm. Gone are the days of gold filters placed over fluorescent tubes. Access Fixtures’ new no UV – no light under 450 nanometers products offer 4 choices of light spectrum. One of those spectral options is equivalent, while 3 are more broad spectrum. Broad spectrum light ensures a more normal work environment with happier and more productive employees.

In addition, these no UV lighting LED lights not only provide better color rendering than ever before, but also feature dedicated LED technology, addressing issues like degradation and lens failure commonly associated with traditional lighting solutions. As a bonus, all of Access Fixtures’ new no UV products are L70 rated at over 70,000 hours and require little to no maintenance.

UV curing processes in manufacturing demand the elimination of UV light emissions to prevent product degradation. Clean rooms in industries like microprocessor manufacturing and pharmaceutical labs require precise lighting control to preserve product integrity.

Our no UV lighting solutions offer superior performance eliminating issues like filter degradation, limited space, poor visibility, flicker, and more. Browse the entire collection of No UV Lighting Fixtures.

No UV Lighting - No Light Under 450nm | Access Fixtures

Access Fixtures No UV Lighting Fixtures Ensure Zero UV Emissions Below 450nm

If you are a facility manager who has ever been concerned with purchasing, installing, or replacing No UV lighting for manufacturing purposes, your process just became streamlined like never before. Traditional gold filter tubes over fluorescent lenses often created more problems than they solved. Gold filters would degrade over time, creating areas where UV light could break through and sometimes ruin huge batches of product. They are also infamous for flickering, which is annoying at best and detrimental to worker visibility at worst. Access Fixtures’ No UV – No Light Under 450nm product line utilizes dedicated LEDs to eliminate both of these problems while increasing the color rendering and visibility of an area.

Access Fixtures’ No UV products provide a far better color spectrum than traditional T8 lamps with gold filters. This enhances visibility as well as production, and Access Fixtures’ products are already receiving rave reviews in the production facilities where they’ve been tested. Check out the spectral chart on the right for more details.

Access Fixtures’ No UV line is available in 2′ x 2′ troffers, flush mounts, high bay lights, and linear fixture styles, so there’s truly a No UV product for every need. Did you know that the FLAT troffer light emits 91% more lumen efficiency when compared to traditional T8 gold filter tubes? Access Fixtures’ No UV products also come with a 5-year warranty and their modular design means that they are easy to replace in the event of an issue.

No UV Light and No Compromise

Access Fixtures introduces the next generation of no UV lighting technology, offering No UV LED Lights that eliminate UV emissions without compromising production integrity, unlike traditional UV-blocking methods.

More Broad-Spectrum Light

With four light spectrum options, including three broader choices, Access Fixtures’ No UV LED Lights create a natural work environment, enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity.

Smaller Light Fixtures

Designed for space efficiency, these LED fixtures reduce space requirements by up to 50%, making them ideal for clean room ceilings and specialized production facilities.

More Watts for More Light

Exceeding OSHA standards, these lights offer wattage options up to 2400 watts, ensuring optimal visibility on work surfaces and minimizing the need for additional lighting fixtures.

Directed Light

Unlike fluorescent lights, which emit light in all directions, No UV LED lights provide directed illumination precisely where needed, maximizing energy efficiency and reaching greater distances.

More Form Factors

Available in various form factors, including linear and small fixtures, these lights offer versatility to suit different applications and spatial constraints.

Flicker Free Lights

Featuring flicker-free operation, no UV lighting provides consistent and comfortable illumination without the distractions associated with fluorescent lights.

Less Maintenance and Lower Maintenance Expense

With low to no maintenance requirements and longer lifespans, Access Fixtures’ No UV LED Lights reduce downtime and lower overall maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting solutions.

Dimmable LEDs

Featuring 0-10v dimming technology, these lights offer flexible control options without the need for expensive ballasts, providing tailored lighting solutions for varying needs.

Infinite On-Off Cycles

With the ability to handle infinite on-off cycles, Access Fixtures’ No UV LED Lights ensure longevity and reliability in demanding environments.

No Mercury

Mercury-free construction eliminates workplace hazards and costly recycling requirements associated with fluorescent lights, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly lighting solution.

No Compromised Production Runs

With Access Fixtures’ No UV LED Lights, production runs remain uncompromised, as they never emit UV light, offering a reliable and efficient lighting solution for various applications. Click to learn about Non UV LED Lights vs No UV Light Below 450nm Here.

No UV Lighting no-light-under-450nm-spectrum-chart

The modular LED fixture will be ideal for our application. Having a truly off-the-shelf option on these lights is really a huge plus for us, not to mention the tighter wavelength patterns being emitted, and no risk of lens failure.


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