LED Wall Packs

Forward Throw – Up/Down – Cutoff – Bulkhead

LED Wall Packs – Big on Style & Function

There are thousands of wall packs available on the market, but finding top-quality fixtures that fit your budget can be tough. Wall packs are a special type of light fixture available in many unique styles and configurations. Different styles can change how light is distributed and can also change the overall design flow of a building. Access Fixtures has a huge range of LED wall packs available in various sizes and styles to fit any application. These fixtures are suitable for illuminating applications such as driveways, building exteriors, streets, walkways and more. Access Fixtures has LED wall packs with the Kelvin temperatures and wattages you need at the price you want. While many Access Fixtures fixtures are pre-built and ready to ship, custom-configured wall packs are available with RAL powder coating, photocells, choice of color temperatures, colored LEDs, different light distribution patterns, and specific beam spreads. 

Four Styles of LED Wall Packs

With four primary types of wall packs available, Access Fixtures can supply a wall pack to suit your project and budget. To narrow your selection, consider the few major functional differences of each style of wall pack. What are they? Read on.

LED Forward Throw Wall Packs

LED forward throw fixtures typically distribute light 2.75 times wider than the height at which they are mounted. For example, the light thrown from a forward throw wall pack mounted at ten feet will be approximately 27.5 feet wide. Forward throw LED wall packs push their light outward and do not waste any light into the back of the luminaire’s housing.

LED forward throw wall packs are typically selected for areas where spill light is a concern. Typically, these fixtures are mounted on walls to illuminate more specific areas such as property entrances, storage facilities, parking lot perimeters, and school exteriors.

This means that there is typically less reflected light when compared to other cutoff luminaires. Forward throw wall packs emit a wide beam angle that sends light forward and downward. LED forward throw wall packs have many benefits, some of which include increased distribution (fewer necessary units to light a given area) and lower power usage.

Given their far-and-wide distribution pattern, forward throw wall packs can increase light trespass, which may be an issue in residential areas. Outdoor lighting is essential to most properties and, while lighting is a necessity, safety concerns and adherence to codes should be considered when selecting a new lighting system. Are you in an area where light trespass must be limited? Ensuring your fixtures comply light trespass regulations via the IDA (International Dark-Sky Association) will minimize disruption to the environment and surrounding areas. The IDA recognizes the need for lighting but advocates the use of appropriate lighting to minimize the harmful effects on the environment.

Cutoff LED Wall Packs

When no direct uplight is needed, cutoff wall packs are an excellent choice. Direct uplight means no light is emitted above the horizontal line. Beyond this limitation, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) requires that all fixtures comply with a glare requirement which limits light output intensity between 80 and 90 degrees.

LED cutoff wall packs are often known as fully shielded, but it is important to note that there is a difference. Cutoff wall pack fixtures require limitations for direct uplight intensity, while fully shielded wall packs emit no direct uplight with intensity limitations. Access Fixtures cutoff wall packs maximize direct light distribution while eliminating all uplight illumination. Many locations have a light pollution standard, particularly in cities where dark sky compliance is a greater concern. In these situations, wall packs should be cut off, ensuring that light is emitted either downward or slightly forward. This prevents light from shining upwards into the sky or into surrounding properties. LED cutoff lighting is a community-friendly option which provides excellent illumination while eliminating the most common concerns associated with lighting.

The HEZE, BAKU, and ANGO product families offer a range of cutoff LED wall pack fixtures. BAKUs are easy-to-use, DLC and UL listed, die-cast aluminum crescent (half-moon) wall packs meant for use in stairwells; above doorways; outside commercial, retail, and industrial buildings; and elsewhere. BAKU are comprehensive, energy efficient and affordable cutoff solutions. HEZEs deliver extraordinary light and are able to auto-sense voltages between 120v and 277v. The HEZE cutoff LED wall packs feature high-performing LEDs that deliver up to 8,862 light source lumens. ANGO wall packs are L70 rated at 100,000 hours with a range of options to choose from. These wall packs are CSA listed for wet locations and deliver up to an incredible 17,724 light source lumens.

The ACCO family represents the “happy medium” between full cutoff and forward throw wall packs. These LED wall packs are available in wattages ranging from 44w to 69w, each of which has an extreme life rating. The ACCO LED wall packs are energy efficient and offer astonishing rated lives of up to 144,000 hours. These wall packs are IP65 rated, meaning they are fully protected against dust and water.


LED Up/Down Light Wall Packs

Access Fixtures LED up/down wall pack fixtures are popular luminaires designed to create a specific kind of light distribution. Up and down lighting does what you would imagine: It sends light either up, down, or both up and down. This distribution is often the preferred method for highlighting architectural features or creating some ambiance. Popular applications include wall uplighting, apartment buildings, brick facades, and more.

The Access Fixtures HAMA and BAKU product families offer a number of up and up/down outdoor wall pack fixtures. These up/down wall packs are perfect replacements for out-of-date HID lighting fixtures. BAKU wall packs come with high-quality, long-lasting LEDs designed to last more than six times as long as standard metal halide lamps. These wall packs are ideal if your project requires you to light a wall both above and below the wall pack. Their chip-on-board (COB) LED technology can be designed to emit light in either 70- or 100-degree optics, making it easy to direct the light exactly where you want it.


LED Bulkhead Wall Packs

The final variety of LED wall packs that Access Fixtures has to offer is the bulkhead. Bulkhead wall packs, like the CIRC and SARC product families, are built with architectural design in mind. Like the up/down outdoor wall pack style, bulkheads are meant to illuminate walkways, overhangs, and other areas of ingress and egress in a diffused, stylish way. Light is not projected in any one direction, rather, it softly emanates from the fixture, producing a warm and inviting glow. But Access Fixtures bulkhead wall packs are not just for show. They also emit an impressive amount of light, come in multiple designs and colors, are L70 rated at 50,000 hours and up, and come equipped with an easy surface mount.


Why Beam Spread Is a Factor

When selecting your LED wall packs, it’s important to know what beam spread your project will require. Beam spread is measured in degrees. A 30 degree beam spread will be appropriate for a project requiring direct, intense light, and a 120 degree beam spread may be more appropriate for one requiring a wide wash of light. Size, output, mounting height and distance will all make a difference and help you decide what beam spread is most suitable to your space.

Are you looking to project a narrow beam of light outward? Do you need to widen the beam spread to 120 degrees? Angle the light left or right? Not a problem. Most of Access Fixtures’ wall packs are available with choice of beam spread and optics. Some wall packs, such as the APTA family of wall packs, are even available with bird spikes and a diffuser if desired.




Wall Packs Hall of Fame

These wall packs are among Access Fixtures’ bestselling and widely-loved models. Whether for style, functionality, or price, each one of the following fixtures has earned their place on walls across the world. See what makes them so special by clicking the tabs below.


ZIBO is one of Access Fixtures’ bestselling wall packs, and for good reason! The ZIBO is a classic forward-throw wall pack with great features without breaking the bank.

Added features and benefits of the ZIBO include:

  • Available in many wattages
  • Available in medium socket if desired
  • Die-cast aluminum construction and polycarbonate lens
  • Photocell available
  • 5-Year Access Fixtures warranty
  • Great CRI of 70+
  • 5000K color temperature
  • IP65 rating against water and dust
  • Shatterproof housing and lens
  • L70 rated at 50,000 hours
  • Surface mount design



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If you’re looking for a wall pack that is full-cutoff and all-around amazing, the APTU should be your number one choice. APTU’s incredible modular design, streamlined form factor, and tons of custom options make this wall pack a star.

Added features and benefits of the APTU include:

  • Available in many wattages78w LED Wall Mounted Lights 347-480v
  • Modular design makes for easy repairs
  • Die-cast aluminum construction and polycarbonate lens
  • Photocell and 0-10v dimming available
  • 5-Year Access Fixtures warranty
  • Choice of CRI up to 90+
  • Choice of Kelvins
  • Choice of optics
  • Choice of RAL colors
  • IP67 — Fully waterproof and dustproof
  • L70 rated at 200,000 hours
  • Bird spikes available



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HAMA is a versatile up/down wall pack meant to illuminate architecture in an elegant way. Available in 21W and 40W, HAMA is loaded with style and options. This model is available in up, down, or up and down configurations.

Added features and benefits of the HAMA include:

  • Choice of RAL color
  • Optional photocell
  • Optional surge protection
  • Optional 0-10v dimming
  • Choice of optics and light distribution
  • Extruded aluminum housing w/built in heat sinks
  • 4000K color temperature
  • 5-Year Access Fixtures warranty
  • Great CRI of 80+
  • L70 rated at 50,000 hours



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HEZE is a true cutoff-style wall pack. It belongs on this list because of its affordability, range of wattages, and availability in turtle-friendly amber (590 nanometers) light. HEZE is a sturdy and long-life fixture that looks great outside any building while reducing glare and uplight by design. 

Added features and benefits of the HEZE include:

  • Available in many wattagesHEZE 25w Full Cutoff Wall Pack 347v/480v
  • Available in medium socket if desired
  • Die-cast aluminum construction and polycarbonate lens
  • 4000K Color temperature
  • 5-Year Access Fixtures warranty
  • Great CRI of 70+
  • IP65 rating against water and dust
  • Shatterproof housing and lens
  • L70 rated at 50,000 hours
  • Surface mount design



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LED Wall Packs – Features, Colors, and Optional Extras

Access Fixtures LED wall packs are available with a selection of features and optional extras that make it easy to get the best lighting for your space. Do you need to color match your fixtures to your current space or environment? Choose a custom RAL color to ensure your new fixtures fit right in with the other elements of your project.

Do you need your LED wall pack to emit a specific color of light? You will need to be familiar with Kelvin temperatures, or the color temperature of the light source. The color temperature of a lamp indicates whether the lamp has a warm, midrange, or cool color appearance. Need help choosing a Kelvin? Contact one of our lighting specialists today at 800-468-9925.

Do you live in a coastal area? Access Fixtures wildlife and turtle friendly LED wall packs safely illuminate areas while also minimizing the effect of light pollution on wildlife. Wildlife friendly wall pack lights are classified by the color of their light, but unlike typical LED lamps, these fixtures do not use Kelvin temperatures. In place of Kelvin temperature options, the lights are set to a specific wavelength of 590 nanometers.

Speak to an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist about Choosing the Right Fixture

Are you looking for an LED wall pack solution? Unsure of what option to choose? Speak to an Access Fixtures lighting specialist to discuss some options, or if you need help placing an order, call us at 800-468-9925. Our customer service team is located in Worcester, MA, and is ready to get you the fixtures you need.

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