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MARI Bollard LightsWORCESTER, MA, July 2017—Access Fixtures releases a new class of bollard lights: double-coated, marine-grade, louvered LED bollard lights. These fixtures are part of the “MARI” family at Access Fixtures and are ideally suited for coastal environments and waterfront applications. Whether being installed near the ocean, docks, walkways, marinas, or lakeside areas, these lens-free, marine-grade bollards have an IP65 rating that makes them tough enough to withstand almost any weather condition. The MARI bollards boast an impressive efficacy and output at a terrifically low price. Their inner and outer marine-grade coatings mean they are fully protected and able to stand up to salt-spray and humidity for a long period of time. These LED bollards are available in 25w and 35w and Kelvin temperatures of 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K. Choose any RAL color and your fixture will be custom-finished and delivered to you within six weeks.

These lens-free, vandal-resistant fixtures are extremely durable; their heads and louvers are built from die-cast aluminum and bases are coated with a strengthened, vandal-resistant marine-grade coating. The LED chips arranged at the head of each fixture provide significant, broad light distribution with limited glare. Each MARI is L70 rated at 50,000 hours, representing an energy-efficient, long life. At 25w, these fixtures deliver 1,500 lumens, and at 35w MARI LED bollards, they deliver 2,500 lumens. Both models emit light downward through tough metal louvers that send light in a 360-degree circle.

“Bollard lights able to withstand the salt spray and weather conditions of coastal locations have been too expensive for most customers,” says Alex Guarco, operations manager at Access Fixtures. “The twice-coated MARI bollard lights represent a durable, cost-conscious way to safely illuminate coastal areas.”

LED Bollard Lights with louversThe top three features of these bollards are their tough die-cast aluminum housings and louvers; their vandal-resistant, no-lens design; and, of course, their marine-grade coatings. These coatings (both inside and outside the bollards) use AAMA 2605 marine-grade paint, meaning they are protected against rain, salt spray, snow, and other rough weather conditions. Both the inside and outside of these fixtures are treated for guaranteed protection. The housings are secured with vandal-proof screws. The lens-free design of these units makes them more difficult to vandalize and better able to prevent condensation and salt accumulation/damage.


If you live by the coast, then you know how destructive the elements can be. With the MARI LED bollard light family, Access Fixtures makes it easy and affordable to safely light your property, no matter how close to a body of water you are. These marine-grade fixtures were designed for your property. To find out if these are suitable for your project, speak to an Access Fixtures lighting specialist team today at 800-468-9925.

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