Adding files that will be used across multiple products or posts or pages

by | Jun 27, 2024

Files that will be shared across products, posts or pages should NOT be added to the media library. They should be sftp’d to specific locations in the uploads folder.
Once uploaded, their files names should NOT be changed when/if the file is updated. The file should be reloaded to the same place in the uploads folder with the SAME EXACT NAME. That way, we won’t have to go find where they are on the site and change the path.



PATH: wp-content/uploads/info/baa

This currently has one pdf related to Buy American

FOLDER: icons

PATH: /wp-content/uploads/info/icons

Icons are small files that are used across many products.

FOLDER: iesandphotometrics

PATH: wp-content/info/iesandphotometrics

This is where all the IES and photometric files go.

FOLDER: installation

PATH: wp-content/uploads/info/installation

This currently has bollard installation related pdf’s

FOLDER: misc

PATH: /wp-content/uploads/info/misc

This currently has pdf’s related to some sports products

FOLDER: specsheet

PATH: wp-content/info/specsheet

This is where the specsheet files go.


FOLDER: learning-documents

PATH: wp-content/uploads/info/ learning-documents

This currently has learning related pdf’s

FOLDER: returns

PATH: wp-content/uploads/info/returns

This is company returns policy.