LED Exit signs don’t get much attention. Basically everyone can recognize that exit signs are important, but because they’re so commonplace, we hardly notice them. However, in the event of a fire or other emergency, the ordinary and humble exit sign comes to the forefront! Exit signs have been saving lives and improving egress for many years, and many states and jurisdictions have their own regulations regarding the shape, style, and size of them. Today we will examine New York City’s specific exit sign requirements and address how Access Fixtures is able to provide LED exit signs to meet them.

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New York City’s Regulations

As many cities and jurisdictions have their own building codes and regulations, New York City has specific regulations which aim to increase the visibility of emergency exit signs. The requirements for New York City emergency exit code are as follows:

  • The word “EXIT” needs to be at least 6″ tall with a 3/4″ stroke
  • There must be at least 3/8″ between each letter
  • Letters MUST illuminate red
  • Signs may use internal or external illumination, but externally illuminated signs must maintain a minimum of 25 footcandles
  • The word “EXIT” and the background must have high contrast
  • Exit signs must have some sort of emergency power system in the event of a power outage. This can be either a battery pack or something else.

New York City has decided on these regulations in order to improve visibility in the event of a fire or emergency. They do not need to be LED, but Access fixtures carries LED exit lights that are NYC approved.

LED Exit Signs that Exceed Regulations

Access Fixtures provides LED New York City approved exit signs at varying affordable price points and styles. We carry nine different NYC-approved exit signs including:

  • Basic powder-coated steel exit signs
  • Cast aluminum exit signs
  • Edge lit exit signs
  • Combination sign and emergency lights
  • Recessed single face exit signs
  • Several styles include battery packs in the event of emergency

All of our NYC-approved exit signs come with a 5-year Access Fixtures warranty. Access Fixtures also carries an extensive line of other LED exit signs and emergency lighting, including standard exit lighting and Chicago approved exit lighting.