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LED Flood Lights

Building Exteriors – Industrial Areas – Backyards – Parking Lots

What Are Flood Lights?

These popular fixtures illuminate large outdoor areas, emitting great amounts of light.

It makes them the preferred choice for spaces including sports courts, driveways, warehouses, streets, and stadiums.

They are also commonly used to highlight property features like entrances or sculptures.

Outdoor floodlights are available with standard LED and wildlife-friendly LED lamp types that come in various sizes and styles and are customizable in your choice of RAL color.

Floodlights offer a wider standard beam spread than most fixtures, up to 120 degrees, providing excellent illumination for spaces.

Access Fixtures floodlights are designed for regular outdoor use.

Delivering commercial-grade performance and protection against adverse weather conditions including wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperature changes.

For more details, refer to our LED Floods and Parking Lot Lighting pages.

Outdoor – Reflectors and Vandal Resistant

We offer a range of floodlighting options, including small and large adjustable area lighting with forward throw, cutoff, and wide-angle reflectors.

Premium flood lighting options include sixteen-inch and twenty-four-inch fixtures, suitable for various landscape lighting projects.

While floods are often used to accentuate property features, they are frequently required to meet minimum insurance standards.

Moreover, a well-lit building is less susceptible to burglary or vandalism due to the enhanced visibility provided by these fixtures.

Many of Access Fixtures’ floodlight options are vandal-resistant.

Our specialists can assist you in determining which units are suitable for your lighting requirements.

Mounting Options

Slip fitter mount – This is the most common mounting method, allowing floods to be easily attached to poles with 2 3/8″ tenons.

These fixtures come with mounting hardware and angle indicators to facilitate adjustments.

When mounted with slip fitters these fixtures can be tilted up and down or rotated left to right on the horizontal and vertical axes.

Trunnion mount – This type of mount enables floods to be directly mounted to a flat surface, offering the flexibility to tilt up and down.

However, unlike a slip fitter, trunnion mounts can only be adjusted on the vertical axis and cannot be rotated left to right.

6″ arm mounts – Ideal for use on square poles, this arm mount allows fixtures to be mounted anywhere on a square pole.

Simply align the arm mount with holes drilled into the pole and secure the fixture at the other end.

At Access Fixtures, we can assist you in finding the appropriate mounting and brackets for your floodlight needs.

If you require multiple fixtures on a single pole, we offer two-light, three-light, and four-light bullhorn brackets.

Mounts for wood poles, wrap-around brackets, angle brackets, and more. Whatever your mounting needs are, we have the solution.

Landscape Lights for LED Lighting
LED Flood Light

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