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SUNA Solar DC Charger – LED Solar Charger


The SUNA is equipped with both a DC charger and a DC charge port ensuring continuous battery charging, even during extended periods. This versatile dual-charging capability guarantees reliable battery power when needed most, eliminating worries about flat batteries during critical operations.

Efficient Solar Energy Utilization: A solar DC charger efficiently converts sunlight into DC power, charging batteries to power area lights. This ensures continuous operation, even in low-light conditions, extending usability into the night.

Continuous Power Supply: Integrating a solar DC charger ensures continuous power, enhancing reliability for outdoor lighting. This feature promotes safety and security, especially in remote areas, by providing consistent illumination regardless of grid availability or power outages.

Environmentally Friendly Operation: Solar DC chargers for area lights run solely on renewable solar energy, offering eco-friendly alternatives to grid-powered lighting. By utilizing clean solar energy, they reduce carbon emissions and support sustainable outdoor lighting practices.

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Need a Photometric Analysis for your SUNA Solar Area Light Project?

A photometric analysis provides a comprehensive preview of your lighting project’s performance through advanced computer modeling. It offers crucial insights such as average light levels, fixture spacing, and light distribution, ensuring optimal illumination tailored to your needs. What’s more, the cost of the analysis is reimbursed upon fixture purchase. Contact us at 800-468-9925 to explore how a photometric analysis can enhance your project’s lighting design.

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