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Select the above 6-pole, 6-fixture solution for a quick-ship LED tennis court package that delivers an average of 19 footcandles.

WORCESTER, MA, June 2017—Access Fixtures announces a new range of recreational tennis court lighting packages. With packages using either pulse start metal halide or LED, you have plenty of options. Each tennis package includes fixtures, poles, anchor bolts, and sports mounts—everything you need to light a single or double court with high-output lighting. With average playing area footcandles ranging from 1239 FC, these packages provide excellent light to ensure your recreational tennis court is perfectly illuminated. The Access Fixtures 1-court LED quick-ship package is L70 rated at 100,000 hours. Each fixture delivers 56,955 lumens; the total package delivers 341,730 lumens. To step up your light levels, see the 1-court, 6-pole, 6-fixture 600w LED package, which utilizes KOTA sport light fixtures and delivers an average of 24 footcandles. These fixtures are built to perform and designed to last; better yet, they require little to no maintenance and are available at an unbeatable price. Need the ability to dim your fixtures? Access fixtures will make sure the drivers are wired for dimming compatibility. Talk to an Access Fixtures specialist today at 800-468-9925.

The 16w LED bollard light is ideal for illuminating walkways, parking lots, pathways, and entrances. Additionally, bollard lights like this one provide illumination for enhanced security on your property. The vapor proof fixture uses a rugged die-cast housing to protect from rain, corrosive fumes, moisture, and gases. This fixture is typically used in parking garages, riding arenas, food-processing facilities, and more. A recent customer used twelve of these luminaires to illuminate an automotive spray room.

At an average life of 100,000 hours, the Access Fixtures LED luminaires are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and offer high CRIs between 70 and 80+. The poles in these packages are built with high-quality 11-gauge or 7-gauge steel; most are rated to withstand steady winds of over 100 MPH. Each pole is coated in a bronze polyester powder coat finish and is heat treated to protect against the elements. All poles include a reinforced cast-iron hole to allow for easy mounting and entry. Additionally, poles conform to ASTM-1 500 grade B with a minimum yield strength of 46,000 PSI, an industry standard for cold-forged steel.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers a wide range of options for their tennis courts,” says Alex Guarco, operations manager at Access Fixtures. “We custom designed and tested each package to deliver peak performance at an unbeatable price.”

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Customer image of the 1-Court | 23 Avg Footcandle PSMH Recreational Tennis Court | Low Price tennis package. Click the photo to order the same package.

For high-performance, efficient, and reliable recreational tennis court packages, explore the Tennis Lighting section of  Access Fixtures. It is important to know exactly what you’re purchasing, take the guesswork out of lighting your tennis court. Call Access Fixtures today.

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