LED Sports Lighters


LED Sports Lighters


Access Fixtures offers a wide range of high-powered LED sport lighters. These fixtures are designed to provide even lighting over your outdoor area or sports court. We have fixtures in an array of wattages, lumen outputs, CRIs, beam angles, and optional accessories. All of our fixtures include 1-10v dimming standard. We know that every sport lighting project is unique; our team is prepared to provide the close attention to detail necessary to get the job done right.

Access Fixtures has experience with lighting tennis courts, basketball courts, bocce courts, pickleball courts, football fields, soccer fields, volleyball courts, swim areas and natatoriums, riding arenas, baseball fields, and more. Contact a lighting specialist today to see what sports lighters will work best for your project.


LED Sports Lighters: APTA & APTI


Access Fixtures’ LED sports lighter fixtures leave tradition behind in the interest of achieving optimal performance. Designed for pole-top mounting, our LED sports lighters are perfect for providing energy-efficient lighting to any outdoor area including parking lots, basketball courts, and sports stadiums. Of course, we can also provide the steel or aluminum poles necessary for any project. 

APTI and APTA are the two LED sports luminaire models utilized in all of Access Fixtures’ sports lighting packages. APTI is the higher-wattage version of APTA, but they are essentially the same fixture in terms of appearance, features, and function.

Access Fixtures’ APTI sports lighter is the best option for when you need higher wattages and more power aimed from taller pole heights, such as with soccer field or football field lighting. APTA is the fixture you need for smaller sports lighting projects such as bocce courts and pickleball courts.  

Both APTA and APTI are energy-efficient luminaires that surpass older HID sports lighters in terms of lumens-per-watt.  Both APTA and APTI are available in multiple wattages to suit different projects and sports lighting needs. APTA and APTI are L70 rated at 200,000 hours for superior longevity and little need for maintenance. They are modular and easily field-repairable. Both APTA and APTI fixtures are available in multiple choices of Kelvin and come standard in 70+ CRI, but higher CRIs are available upon request.  Custom optics for these fixtures are standard and make them suitable for nearly any application.


APTA & APTI fixtures are IP67 rated, making them submersible, dustproof, corrosion-proof, and bug-proof. Their modular design means that if one module breaks, the others will still continue to function. This design also makes them incredibly easy to replace. APTA and APTI fixtures are guaranteed by a five-year Access Fixtures warranty.

The APTI fixtures can be mounted several different ways on different pole styles. Access Fixtures carries steel, aluminum, and fiberglass poles with a large assortment of mounting options. Mounting equipment and hardware are included with the purchase of certain sports lighting packages. Depending on the location, customer preference, and amount of fixtures, one might choose one type of pole over another. Generally, questions of design are up to the customer’s discretion. Please note that APTA and APTI lighting fixtures should only be installed by a licensed electrician.

Click here to request a photometric analysis for your sports lighting project. Got questions regarding your sports lighting project? Call 800-468-9925 today or email customerservice@accessfixtures.com.