Commercial T5 Light Fixtures Including T5 High Bay Fixtures, T5 Vapor Tight High Bays & T5 Strip Lights

T5 High Bay Commercial Lighting

T5 High Bay Commercial Lighting

Demand for energy savings has brought T5 light fixtures to the forefront of the market. Customers with warehouses, light manufacturing facilities, and more are replacing old style Probe Start Metal Halides and Mercury Vapor fixtures with T5 lighting.

T5 linear fluorescent technology is renowned for delivering many lumens per dollar. What does this mean? They perform well and are very affordable. Featuring high-CRI light, 93 lumens per watt, long life, and a low cost, T5 is a competitive choice. If a linear form factor is acceptable and price is a significant factor in your decision, continue investigating T5 lighting.

The lamp that makes up the majority of T5 lighting sales is the 54-watt T5HO, which produces 5,000 lumens. T5HO lamps emit more lumens per lamp than T8s or T12s. In fact, one T5HO lamp emits the light output of two T8 lamps. Using these powerful lamps means you can use fewer lamps and fixtures and still achieve your desired footcandle levels. T5 can also be effectively used at higher heights than other fluorescent lamps.

The Access Fixtures HENO product family features an array of T5 light fixtures – high bay, low bay, wrap, strip, vapor tight and caged lighting. The line includes 4-lamp and 6-lamp HENO fluorescent high bays that are open or with acrylic lenses. Of course, there are also similar LED fixtures to explore (like the 110w, 160w, and 220w OTAT products). But if you’re here for dependable, proven, built to perform fluorescent T5HO high bays, you’re at the right place.

Reasons to Use T5 Linear Fluorescent – T5 Fluorescent Facts & Features

  • T5 54w fluorescent lamps typically emit 5,000 light source lumens
    • 5,000 lumens exceeds the lumen output of T8 or T12 in similar lengths.
    • One T5 54w lamp emits 85% of the light of two T8 32w lamps.
    • Fewer lamps means less purchasing, installing, and recycling.
  • T5 54w fluorescent lamps make it easy to meet footcandle requirements.
    • Two T5HO lamps produce 10,000 light source lumens.
    • Four T5HO lamps produce 20,000 light source lumens.
    • Needless to say, six T5HO lamps produce 30,000 light source lumens.
  • T5 fluorescent lamps are available in various Kelvin temperatures.
    • The lower the Kelvin temperature, the warmer the light.
    • The higher the Kelvin temperature, the whiter/bluer the light.
  • T5 light fixtures offer peak performance at 95°F
    • Since heat rises, 95°F is found at or near the ceiling of many buildings.
    • Temperatures higher and lower than 95° reduce T5 efficiency.
  • All T5 light fixtures have electronic ballasts with programmed start (PS) technology.
    • PS technology extends lamp life without using any extra energy.
    • PS works well with occupancy sensors and frequent on-off cycles.
    • T5 electronic ballasts do not have ballast hum.
  • T5 fluorescent lamps have superior color rendering.
    • T5 lamps range between 82 CRI and 85 CRI.
  • T5 lamp life ranges from 25,000 hours to 35,000 hours
    • Up to 35,000 hours average rated life at twelve hours/start cycles.
    • Up to 25,000 hours average rated life at three hours/start cycles.
  • T5 lamps maintain between 93% and 95% of initial lumen output.
    • Lumen output remains fairly constant over the life of the lamp.

Access Fixtures Lighting Specialists Can Make T5 Lighting Simple

Access Fixtures is your factory-direct source for all T5 light fixtures needed to suitably illuminate your property. If you have questions about T5 lighting or what type of lighting best suits your needs, call an Access Fixtures lighting specialist at 800-468-9925.

T5 wrap fixtures in a warehouse

T5 wraps distribute light in facilities with 8’ to 14’ ceilings.

T5 strip lights in a warehouse

T5 strip lights are the lowest-cost T5 fixtures.

 T5 vapor tight lights in a work area

T5 vapor tight lights in a work area.