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Our TRUE Type 3 optical lighting refers to a specific light distribution pattern designed to direct light precisely where needed while minimizing light spillage and trespass.

These optics are commonly used in outdoor lighting applications such as street lighting, parking lots, and pathways.

Here are some key characteristics and benefits of Type 3 optics:

  1. Precision Lighting Distribution: Type 3 optics are engineered to provide uniform and symmetrical light distribution, additionally creating a well-defined pattern on the ground. This illuminates the intended area evenly.
  2. Reduced Glare: Type 3 optics are designed to minimize glare and enhance visual comfort for pedestrians, drivers, and residents. By controlling the direction of the light, it equally reduces direct glare and discomfort.
  3. Light Trespass Reduction: One of the primary advantages of Type 3 optics is their ability to limit light spill beyond the designated area. This further prevents light pollution and ensures light is focused on the target space without negatively impacting the surrounding environment.
  4. Enhanced Visibility: These optics enhance visibility by directing light toward the ground, optimizing illumination for pathways and roadways. This targeted lighting improves safety and security in outdoor spaces.
  5. Dark Sky-Friendly: Type 3 optics are often considered “dark sky-friendly” because of their ability to control and minimize upward light emissions. This aligns with efforts to preserve natural darkness and reduce the impact of artificial lighting on the night sky.
  6. Versatility: These optics are suitable for various outdoor lighting fixtures, including streetlights and area lights. They are employed in urban, suburban, and rural settings to achieve efficient and effective lighting.