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It is New York Fashion Week, and while the new LED bollard lights from Access Fixtures will not be illuminating the New York City runways for the rich and foolish (or is that rich and famous?), they will be illuminating entrances, parks, and walkways all across North America and beyond.

Access Fixtures has a broad lineup of LED bollard lights. Now, two new architectural fashion statements will join that lineup, the OPPE 26-Watt Square LED Bollard Light and the OPPE 26-Watt Round LED Bollard Light. Priced less than virtually every piece of clothing shown at New York Fashion Week, the new LED bollard lights are sure to be accepted by architects, lighting specifiers, property manager and electrical contractors.

Is This the Shape That Architectural Fashionistas Are Craving?

From the front entrances in New York City to the park paths in Los Angeles . . . and all the pathways, sidewalks, gardens, entryways, steps, and ramps in between, the two new LED bollard lights provide a high-styled approach compared to traditional LED bollard lights. With a low-profile bollard light head that flourishes out beyond the bollard light body, a crystal-clear polycarbonate lens, and a stellar white cone reflector, both OPPE LED bollard lights set a new style standard for LED bollard lights. While in the fashion world, height is considered an asset, the OPPE 26w LED Bollard Lights can be custom cut to any height between 34.75″ and 24″. Finished in standard architectural bronze or matte black, or custom-finished to match any RAL color, the OPPE series of LED bollard lights can complement the architectural features of the latest projects.


Form and Function – New LED Bollard Lights Are More Than Just Another Pretty Face

Not a slave to fashion, the OPPE series of LED bollard lights does not sacrifice performance for style. Both LED bollard lights features four five-watt chip-on-board LEDs located at the top of the bollard light. Using broad optics, they emit light down and out; light also bounds off the white polycarbonate cone reflector. The OPPE LED bollard lights emit over 2,000 lumens of 80-plus CRI light and are rated LM70 at 50,000 hours. The LEDs and optics are able to emit more than one footcandle of light in an eighteen-foot diameter around the bollard light housing. IP67 rated and CSA listed for wet locations, the OPPE LED bollard lights can be immersed in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes and remain fully operable.



Lighting Specialists, Photometric Studies, and More

Access Fixtures lighting specialists are not able to answer questions about New York Fashion Week, but they are ready and able to answer any questions you have about lighting. If you have lighting questions, including questions about the OPPE LED bollard lights, call an Access Fixtures lighting specialist. If your lighting project requires photometric studies, Access Fixtures can provide them, too. Contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist at 800-468-9925.