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WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2023 – Access Fixtures, a leader in commercial and industrial LED lighting, today announced the launch of UPTA, a new line of LED high bay lights. This range is designed for large facilities with high footcandle requirements, such as hangars, stadiums, convention centers, and buildings with clear heights of 60 feet and more. The UPTA range of high bay lights is built with a superior patented, high-efficiency spill light control system, which produces high lumen-per-watt ratios of up to 160 LPW, providing uniform anti-glare illumination in bright and large-scale areas. With 40 watts up to 960 watts per high bay light fixture and lumens per watt of up to 160, UPTA fixtures can provide over 150,000 lumens from a single high bay. The product is designed to provide uniform anti-glare illumination and features a choice of advanced optics, Kelvin, and color rendering of up to Ra>90, providing a premium anti-glare illumination experience.


“UPTA LED high bay lights are designed with advanced optics and heat management to provide the most powerful and reliable LED high bay lighting available,” said Access Fixtures CEO Steven Rothschild. “These LED high bays are built for large facilities that want uniform anti-glare illumination and years of virtually maintenance-free performance.”


The UPTA range features a superior heat sink design, which produces an EXTREME-LIFE rating of L70 @ 200,000 hours, significantly reducing the down time and expense of servicing hard-to-reach light fixtures. The UPTA range also offers customers the option to choose from several other features such as a 0-10v dimming driver, a non-dimming driver, a 347-480v option for $200, 3′ Power cord for $10.00, 6′ Power cord for $20.00, 9′ Power cord for $30.00, bird spikes for $25, an SAC safety cable, an MMS Microwave Motion Sensor Ultranik UM05+SAM5/ANT12, an EPS emergency power supply, and a remote control for MMS Ultranik HRC-05.


The UPTA high bay lights are constructed with a modern, yet rugged fixture housing made of high-grade aluminum with exceptional heat sink design. The design of the UPTA range makes it possible to re-use existing infrastructure such as roof beams, cabling, and power supply, reducing additional investments. The UPTA high bay lights come with a five-year warranty.


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Access Fixtures is your factory-direct source for commercial, industrial, hospitality and sports high-performance lighting solutions. With custom manufacturing capabilities, Access Fixtures builds durable, long-life LED luminaires for general lighting applications and specialty markets including transportation, freight terminals, sports fields and arenas, clean rooms, power plants, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. Luminaire types include wall packs, area lights, bollard lights, sports lights, post top and high bays. For more information, visit Access Fixtures at

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