Vapor Proof Lights – Applications & Options

Fluorescent Vapor Proof

Fluorescent Vapor Proof

Vapor proof light fixtures use rugged die-cast housings for applications where the lamp socket and wiring are protected from rain, corrosive fumes, non-combustible dusts, moisture, and nonexplosive vapors and gases. Vapor proof lights are typically found where structural fortitude and the ability to handle hazards matter most. These locations include parking garages; laundry facilities; transportation centers; subways, tunnels; barns; riding arenas; sports facilities, swimming pools; locker rooms, public bathrooms; car washes; stairwells; under canopies; automotive repair facilities; and food-­processing facilities including walk-­in freezers, kitchens, bakeries, and ice cream shops. In other words, any damp, wet, or dirty location should use vapor proof lighting.

Vapor Proof Commercial Lighting – Reliable and Versatile

Access Fixtures vapor proof light fixtures include LED, LED turtle & wildlife friendly, fluorescent, medium socket, and PSMH vapor tight fixtures. These fixtures are used by properties and individuals that need excellent lighting for wet and dusty conditions. Vapor proof fixtures are designed for use in interior and exterior locations. These energy-saving fixtures not only protect against the elements, but their ability to work in any space makes them ideal for a wide range of locations. Other such locations include car washes, parking garages, airports, warehouses, docks, and other areas that need protection against dirt, dust, and wet environments. Additionally, vapor proof lights have taken over the CFL and incandescent market. The products in the Access Fixtures vapor proof line are excellent in large part due to their rugged, die-cast housings that protect their lamp sockets and wiring from rain, corrosive fumes, non-combustible dusts, moisture, nonexplosive vapors and gases.

Vapor Proof Lights – Durability and Performance

Vapor Proof High Bay

Vapor Proof High Bay

Most of our fixtures are assembled in the USA using premium-quality lenses, houses, and gaskets. Vapor proof lights provide energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and low ­cost lighting built to last. It is ready for use in vandal-­resistant, dirty, and wet spray­-down locations. If your facility requires lighting with these characteristics, vapor proof fixtures from Access Fixtures are for you. All Access Fixtures vapor proof light fixtures are CSA listed for wet locations and most come with a range of options, including high-voltage ballasts or drivers, occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting sensors, photocells, marine-­grade fixture coatings, epoxy coatings, step dimming, 0–10v dimming, surge protection, and battery backup for emergencies. All Access Fixtures vapor proof fixtures are IP65 rated; many are IP66 or IP67 rated.

IP Ratings – What They Are and Why They Are Important for Vapor Proof Lights

  • IP65

    To pass IP65 testing, an enclosure or fixture must be able to withstand water projected by a 0.25-­inch nozzle from any direction. The IP65 test must be at least fifteen minutes long with a water volume of 3.3 gallons per minute and a pressure of 30 kPa at distance of three yards.

  • IP66

    To pass IP66 testing, the enclosure or fixture must be able to withstand water projected in powerful jets from a 0.50-­inch nozzle from any direction. The IP66 test must be at least three minutes long with a water volume of 26.4 gallons per minute and a pressure of 100 kPa at distance of three yards.

  • IP67

    To pass IP67 testing, the enclosure must not permit the ingress of water in harmful quantities when the enclosure is fully immersed. The IP67 test has a duration of thirty minutes and an immersion depth of at least one meter, measured at the bottom of the device with at least 5.9 inch of water above the top of the device.

Light Sources for Vapor Proof Lights

Vapor tight lights are available with many light sources. Which one of these is best for you? The decision is typically based on upfront cost, energy use, maintenance requirements, luminaire lumens, and sometimes an organizational mandate to eliminate mercury in the workplace. LED vapor proof lights are becoming the dominant type for many reasons, but each technology has its own benefits.

  • LEDs

    • Popular for their energy efficiency, long life, and low maintenance.
    • LEDs are directional, which means their light is sent straight to where the light is needed.
    • LEDs do not contain mercury.
    • LEDs are now the first choice in vapor tight lights.
  • T5HO

    • Is energy-efficient and low in cost
    • Has a long lifetime.
    • Has a high CRI.
    • Use electronic, programm-start ballasts that protect and extend lamp life.
  • LED Vapor Tights for Turtle and Wildlife Habitats

    • Eliminates light pollution.
    • Minimizes the disruption of animal habitats.
  • Fluorescent

    • Are low in cost.
    • Use quieter ballasts.
    • Have a greater standard CRI.
    • Are energy efficient.

Speak to an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist about Choosing the Right Fixture

Access Fixtures has a comprehensive collection of all types of vapor proof luminaires, IP65 vapor proof lights, IP67 vapor proof lights, and marine­-grade IP67 vapor proof lights with 590-nanometer LEDs. If you have questions about vapor proof lights, be sure to contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist at (800) 468-9925.