LED Volleyball Court Lighting

Volleyball Court Lighting – LED Light Fixtures for Volleyball Courts

When most people think of volleyball courts, they might picture an ancient, wobbly net on the beach with groups of tanned beachgoers casually playing a game in the middle of a bright, sunny day. Volleyball is a sport of the beach as it can easily be played in the sand. However, more and more homeowners, schools, and private communities are hopping on the volleyball bandwagon. It’s no surprise, then, that these courts require lighting in order for games to be played at night. Why stop the fun when the sun goes down? Both beachfront volleyball courts and private backyard courts can benefit from strong, even, and reliable lighting that lasts for years and years. If you have a unique volleyball court or specific requirements to hit, there are many different packages that can fulfill your needs. Access Fixtures has a team of lighting specialists who can quickly and professionally provide you a custom solution to ensure your court is perfectly lit. 

Key Takeaways

    • Consistent Court Dimensions: Volleyball courts are always 30′ wide by 60′ long, regardless of the level of play.

    • Customizable Lighting Packages: Access Fixtures offers nine different lighting packages with various footcandle outputs and pole heights to suit different needs.

    • Advanced Photometric Analysis: Personalized photometric analyses ensure your lighting plan meets all requirements, providing optimal illumination for any level of play.

Volleyball Court LED Lighting Standards & Regulations

Volleyball as a sport can be played at many different levels, but some things remain similar across all volleyball setups that make lighting them simple. Volleyball courts are 30′ wide by 60′ long. This is a standard size — no matter the level of play involved, every volleyball court will have the same dimensions. The net is positioned at the 30′ mark so that each team’s playable area is 30′ x 30′. Net heights can vary depending on a number of factors. Footcandle recommendations can range depending on the level of play. For recreational and club-level volleyball play, 7 to 20 footcandles is appropriate in most cases. For competition or professional level, up to 50 footcandles is typically utilized. Volleyball court lighting is generally installed outdoors near water and beaches and possibly high-wind areas, so poles and fixtures must be sturdy and sealed. Lights must also be flicker-free and high CRI. LED fixtures are an appropriate solution for volleyball court lighting because they tend to meet all of these criteria unlike traditional light sources such as metal halide. Read more below to see what Access Fixtures offers for volleyball lighting packages.

Fully Custom Packages

Access Fixtures offers nine different volleyball court lighting packages for every level of play and preference. The packages are available in three different footcandle outputs: 10, 20, and 30. They are also available with three different pole heights: 20′, 25′ or 35′.  Volleyball court packages from Access Fixtures ship with sturdy, 11-gauge or 7-gauge steel poles, depending on the height of the poles. Of course, you’ll also receive fixtures and all the mounting hardware your electrician will need to get things up and running.

Volleyball court lighting packages from Access Fixtures come with everything you need to light your backyard or recreational volleyball court. Each package includes sports lighters, sports mounts, steel poles, bullhorn mounts (if necessary), and anchor bolts. Each package provides even lighting on the playing surface, ensuring you receive the best output for your court. Do you have a unique volleyball court or specific requirements to hit? Access Fixtures has a team of lighting specialists who can quickly and professionally provide you with a custom solution to ensure your court is perfectly lit.

All volleyball packages from Access Fixtures include the fixtures, mounts, and poles you need to light your volleyball court(s). With a range of options to choose from, Access Fixtures has the solution to light your courts—even if you’re looking to illuminate televised, competition-level play—making it easy to find the best volleyball package for you. All Access Fixtures volleyball court lighting packages are available at unbeatable prices; also, the published price is the price you pay—there are no hidden fees or costs (we’ll even pay for shipping). Each package’s fixtures provide an incredible rated life designed to last you years before requiring any maintenance at all. You will receive high-quality APTA high-performance fixtures that are dependable, durable, and built to last, with most packages offering a rated life of over 200,000 hours.

Superior Photometric Analyses

To see exactly what kind of light you’ll receive, an Access Fixtures lighting specialist can run a personalized report just for you. Even better, each of our volleyball packages comes complete with a photometric analysis of its own, ready for your review. Take the guesswork out of lighting your volleyball court with a proposed lighting solution to view the light output over a given area prior to purchasing any luminaires. By purchasing a customized photometric analysis from Access Fixtures, you can determine if the lighting plan will meet the requirements of your court. Are the light levels sufficient? Does your proposed plan use too many or not enough fixtures? Does it meet footcandle requirements? Access Fixtures will provide you with these answers and many more.

Using specialized photometric software, our team analyzes each result to ensure it meets every requirement. Our lighting specialists refer to the provided three-dimensional volleyball court rendering images, light level diagrams, and distribution levels, to test each system to ensure optimum lighting levels match your level of play, whether you need recreational, club, or competition-level lighting. The most beneficial part in carrying out a photometric analysis for your project is that you can have peace of mind that the comprehensive package solution you have chosen will perfectly suit your needs.


Volleyball court lighting is crucial for ensuring the game can be enjoyed at any time of day or night. With consistent court dimensions, customizable lighting packages, and advanced photometric analysis, Access Fixtures provides comprehensive solutions for all your volleyball court lighting needs. Whether you’re looking to light a recreational court in your backyard or a professional competition venue, Access Fixtures offers the durability, efficiency, and performance required to keep the game going strong.


Volleyball Court Lighting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You have Volleyball Court LED Lighting questions. We have answers. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist at (800) 468-9925 or click here to visit our customer service page.

What are the standard dimensions of a volleyball court?

A standard volleyball court is 30 feet wide by 60 feet long, with the net positioned at the center, dividing the court into two 30 ft x 30 ft sections.

What are the lighting requirements for recreational volleyball courts?

For recreational and club-level volleyball, the recommended lighting is between 7 to 20 footcandles.

What lighting standards apply to professional volleyball courts?

Professional or competition-level volleyball courts typically require up to 50 footcandles to ensure adequate visibility for high-speed play.

Why are LED fixtures recommended for volleyball court lighting?

LED lamps are preferred due to their durability, energy efficiency, high CRI, and flicker-free performance, making them ideal for outdoor sports lighting.

What pole heights are available for volleyball court lighting packages?

Access Fixtures offers LED volleyball court lighting packages with pole heights of 20′, 25′, and 35′.

What materials are used for the poles in volleyball court lighting packages?

The poles in Access Fixtures’ lighting packages are made from sturdy, high-quality 11-gauge or 7-gauge steel, depending on the pole height.

How can I ensure my volleyball court lighting plan meets all requirements?

Access Fixtures provides personalized photometric analyses to help you visualize and verify that your lighting plan meets all necessary requirements.

What is included in a volleyball court lighting package from Access Fixtures?

Each package includes LED sports lighters, sports mounts, steel poles, bullhorn mounts (if necessary), and anchor bolts, ensuring a complete lighting solution.

How long do the fixtures in Access Fixtures’ lighting packages typically last?

Most fixtures in Access Fixtures’ volleyball court lighting packages have a rated life of over 200,000 hours, offering years of maintenance-free performance.

Are there any hidden fees or costs with Access Fixtures’ volleyball court lighting packages?

No, Access Fixtures’ packages come with no hidden fees or costs, and the published price includes shipping.