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round-dome-top-bollard-light-louvers-stainless-steelWORCESTER, MA, June 10, 2016—Access Fixtures, an industry leader in LED commercial, industrial, and sports lighting, is announcing the introduction of a new 16 watt LED stainless steel bollard light with cast aluminum louvers. Bollard lights with louver-controlled light sources are favored for their ability to limit light distribution to that which aims down toward the ground. With the LED light source blocked from direct view, the cast aluminum louvers minimize glare and limit light trespass. Manufactured with 316 stainless steel, this new bollard light is part of Access Fixtures’ comprehensive lineup of LED, HID, and fluorescent light sources in stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum bollard lights from Access Fixtures.

“This LED stainless steel bollard light features cast aluminum louvers in a matte finish. It is honestly beautiful, whether illuminated or not,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “Beyond being stunning, the 16-watt louvered stainless steel bollard light is energy efficient and requires very little maintenance.”

Access Fixtures’ 16-watt LED stainless steel louvered bollard light is offered in four different Kelvin temperatures (2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K). Depending on the color temperature, the LED light source can deliver up to 1,800 luminaire lumens. The 16-watt LED stainless steel louvered bollard light is in stock and ready for delivery.

Are you looking for a lighting solution for your commercial or public property? Call an experienced lighting specialist at Access Fixtures today at (800) 468-9925.

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